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Home and Commercial Laundry Service in Lenox Hill, Manhattan


Got laundry to do in Lenox Hill, Manhattan? Don’t let it stress you out because HappyNest is here to help. Just tap on our app to order the laundry pickup and delivery services, and our professionals will do the rest. Doing laundry is no longer fashionable, so how about you leave the chore to us and focus on more important things?

How It Works

  1. Order

Head to our website or mobile app to sign up and place your first order. Feel free to provide us with special instructions regarding your laundry preferences. After ordering, pack your garments in laundry bags and set the bags outside your door for pickup.

  1. We Collect

After receiving your order, we will swing by to collect your laundry. The pickup and delivery laundry service is contactless. Therefore, your presence isn’t necessary when we come by to collect or deliver your laundry.

  1. We Wash and Deliver

When your laundry is brought to our laundromat, we’ll start tackling it immediately. We wash, dry, fold, and deliver by the next day.

Laundry to Perfection

Most business owners and residents of Lenox Hill either hate laundry or don’t have time for it. At HappyNest, we’re not only obsessed with doing laundry, but also have all the time in the world for it. We have the expertise and equipment to wash your fabrics and linens to perfection.

When you trust us with your laundry, each item will be returned clean, fresh, and crisply folded. All our processes are quality-assured, and our enviable customer reviews attest to that. HappyNest never disappoints because we work to deliver on our promise.

Customized Laundry

How do you prefer your laundry done? Hang dry, machine dry, or hypoallergenic? It’s all up to you because, at HappyNest, we do laundry your way. We even allow you to pack your preferred laundry when we come to collect your items. So, tell us about your laundry preferences, and our professionals will be glad to do the rest.

At HappyNest, our focus is to free your time. No worries about laundry, and no work on your part. Leave your laundry to us, and we’ll give you more time to do what you love. We service all neighborhoods in Lenox Hill, Manhattan, so sign up on our website to check whether we’re in your area.

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