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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Upper East Side


Are you tired of tackling heaps of dirty fabrics and linens every week? HappyNest has a solution for you. Take advantage of our home and commercial laundry service in Upper East Side, NY, and reclaim your weekends. We provide convenient laundry pickup and delivery services that save you time and money. To get started, simply sign up on our app or website.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

One thing that makes HappyNest stand out is that our wash and fold laundry service is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with our laundry, we will re-clean your items for free. We also offer full refunds and credits to our customers. Needless to say, you won’t find a stronger guarantee in Upper East Side.

How We Work

  • Sign Up

Head over to our website or app and set up your account. When placing your order, feel free to tell us about your laundry preferences because we will need that information when washing your garments.

  • Pickup

Our friendly team is always busy collecting and delivering clients’ laundry at their homes and businesses. So, expect a driver to be at your door as soon as you place your order. Better still, you don’t need to be around when we come for your laundry.

  • Cleaning

We thoroughly wash, dry, and fold clients’ laundry according to their preferences. Each clients’ laundry pile is washed separately from others to minimize contamination.

  • Delivery

After washing your load, items will be delivered to your preferred location at the time you selected. Just like it’s the case with pickups, you don’t have to be around when we deliver your garments. We also allow you to track your garments during delivery. The driver’s contact will be provided to you, and you’ll also be kept updated throughout.

Why Choose HappyNest?

We believe there’s more to life than doing laundry, especially if you live or own a business in a big city like New York. Outsourcing your laundry to HappyNest comes with many perks, including:

  • Our professional wash keeps your laundry clean and hygienic
  • Complimentary pickups and deliveries
  • Quick turnaround times
  • We do all the work indoors, and none of your garments will be outsourced
  • Affordable pricing and a discount on your first order

With HappyNest, you’re guaranteed outstanding home and commercial laundry services. So, never take chances with your laundry pile. Instead, leave the task to us, and we’ll deliver on our promise.

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