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Pricing By The Bag

What do I need to know?

For your first pickup, you can use any laundry bag of your own or a kitchen bag. Our navy HappyNest bags can hold approximately 22 lbs of laundry. This is equal to about 2 full loads of laundry. Your charge for this first service will be determined by weighing all the laundry you send in and dividing by 22 to determine how many bags to charge.

Upon return of your first order, HappyNest will provide you with 2 navy blue bags, sized 22’ x 28’. Simply fill the bags with laundry for all subsequent pickups. You will be charged a flat rate per bag.


What about doing laundry myself?

Even doing your own laundry carries a significant cost

High Energy Usage

High Energy Usage

Each load of laundry uses high amounts of energy. A dryer is responsible for 6% of your home's energy use. If you have multiple people in your household, the utility bills can add up quickly!

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2,000 Gallons of Water

The average washing machine uses 41 gallons of water per load. Even if you do 1 load of laundry per week, that's over 2,000 gallons a year!

$115+ in Electricity Bills

$115+ in Electricity Bills

Washers and dryers use a lot of electricity. The combined cost of doing laundry can add up to more than $115 a year for the electricity alone.

Give the Gift of Free Time

Lighten the load for friends and family by giving them the gift of a next-day laundry service.

If you are unsure if we service the ZIP Code that your intended gift card recipient is located in, please reach out to our Customer Service team at (855) 335-9274.