About HappyNest

As the parents of four small children my wife and I found ourselves perpetually buried in laundry. If it was dirty it needed to be washed and dried. If it was clean it needed to be folded and put away. There were times when we found ourselves living out of laundry baskets and too many mornings spent “prospecting” for a matched pair of socks (times 4 sets of little feet never mind our own). Every couple of weeks we would make a Herculean effort to catch up only to start losing ground again within days. Or hours. Maybe minutes.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Certainly we couldn’t be the only people wrestling with this problem. Surely there were others – busy executives, college students, people without easy access to washers and dryers, the elderly, single parents doing the job of two – who would welcome having this chore taken off of their plates.

And undoubtedly there had to be people who, like a lot of us, would just rather be doing something else. Who, instead of lugging clothes up and down the stairs or to and from the Laundromat, would really prefer to be playing with the kids, reading a book, taking a walk, watching a movie or just relaxing.

And so HappyNest was born.

From the beginning we set clear goals for the company. Customer service would be paramount. Quality would be uncompromising. Every effort would be made to be environmentally sensitive. Pickup and delivery turnaround would be fast and our customers’ laundry would be done exactly the way they wanted it done.

We understand that we’re not just doing laundry, we’re doing your laundry.

We’re immensely proud of the business we’ve built, of our friendly and dedicated staff, and that the principles we first laid out continue to guide everything we do.

We also believe that if you give us a try you’ll discover, as thousands of others have, that there’s more to life than laundry.

John and Katie MacKrell
Founders: HappyNest

HappyNest! Out with the laundry! In with the happy!

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