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When John and Katie MacKrell brought home their fourth child, they also necessarily acquired an entire new wardrobe for their first baby boy. Their three growing girls had shared and handed down dresses and tights for years; but little Jack introduced the need for different clothes, more clothes. The MacKrell household was suddenly responsible for the laundry of six people, the four youngest of whom changed clothes many, many times a day. Piles stacked up, were folded and knocked down and refolded, articles of clothing were strewn all over. And the detergent! So much detergent. A trip to the grocery store every week with laundry soap on the list always. As the children grew, so too did their messes. Baby spills became grass stains, their adorable little booties were swapped out for stinky soccer socks, and John and Katie watched helplessly as their children’s agency to dress themselves brought with it the agency to throw their entire wardrobe on the bedroom floor.

Eventually, John threw his hands in the air. He thought, I wish this laundry would just go away! And come back, cleaned and folded! At the end of the day, he just wanted to come home and spend time with his family, not argue with them over laundry responsibility. He dreamt of a service that would take care of his laundry woes from start to finish. Looking around, though, he saw no such system in place. That’s why he started HappyNest – a start-to-finish, pickup and drop-off laundry service. Be the change you wish to see in the world, and all that. One family’s exhaustion with laundry, one man’s desperate plea for it to just disappear; this became the foundation for HappyNest. And here we are today, in over 30 states with million pounds of laundry done and growing every day. Thanks for stopping by, we hope to make your home, too, a HappyNest.