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Wash and Fold Laundry Service in Bay Shore, NY

Laundry Pickup

Anyone who does their laundry will tell you how boring they find the task. It takes a lot of time to wash one load of dirty laundry. Worse still, laundry will take even more time and effort if you use a public laundromat in your building or across town. If you live in Bay Shore, NY, you have to contend with traffic jams and crowded laundromats to have your laundry done. HappyNest is now offering its home and commercial laundry services in the city to save you all this trouble.

Take Advantage of Unmatched Laundry Services

HappyNest is the nation’s leading pickup and delivery service with operations across 25 states. If you live in Bay Shore and the surrounding areas, it’s best to take advantage of the exceptional services we provide. Our focus is to save you time, money, and effort by providing convenient, affordable, and professional laundry services.

An advantage of choosing HappyNest is the customized laundry we offer to each of our customers. Right from the moment you sign up and place your first order, we will ask you about your laundry preferences. If you’d like us to use a specific detergent or do your laundry in a certain manner, we’ll do it. We even allow you to pack your own detergents inside the laundry bag after scheduling our pickup and delivery service.

If you’re tired of incurring huge bills on laundry every month, HappyNest is just what you need. Our laundry service fits every budget because we charge by the pound instead of the number of items. We understand that Bay Shore residents who hire laundry companies can’t afford to install the typically expensive washing machines and dryers in their homes.

We offer affordable wash and fold services that everyone can access. If you’re worried about spending extra money when using our pickup and delivery, wash and fold services, you’re wrong. These services don’t attract extra charges. Thus, it’s no surprise that we’re the laundry service with a difference.

At HappyNest, we always look forward to new clients. When you sign up on our website or mobile app, you’ll receive a welcoming kit from us. You also get exciting welcoming bonuses with your first order. Thus, we should be your go-to laundry service if you’re looking to save money.

Life in Bay Shore, NY, can be a little hectic. Do not allow laundry to take over your life. Instead, let HappyNest handle the task for you. Sign up today to start using our services.

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