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Full-Service Laundry in Smithtown, NY

Laundry Pickup

If you ask anyone on the streets of Smithtown, NY, about laundry, most will tell you it’s a task they’d rather do without. The time and effort that goes into DIY laundry isn’t worth it because you may not even do the job thoroughly. Thankfully, the home and commercial laundry experts at HappyNest are there to take this chore off your hands.

HappyNest is a trusted laundry services provider with laundromats in 25 states. We have the latest laundry equipment, enabling us to provide unmatched wash and fold services to both individuals and businesses in Smithtown and the surrounding areas.

Everyone wants to use a laundry service they can trust. At HappyNest, we’ve proved ourselves over the years as the leading laundry service with an unmatched ability to exceed customer expectations. In addition, we were among the pioneers of the contactless pickup and delivery laundry service, which attests to our standing in the industry.

How We Work

Laundry is one task that no one looks forward to, but we enjoy it. Here’s how the HappyNest laundry service works:

  • You Schedule the Service

We have an intuitive website and mobile app where you need to sign up before scheduling your first pickup. Fill in your details and your laundry preferences, then choose a suitable pickup and delivery time and location.

  • We Collect Your Laundry

After receiving your order, we will move with speed to collect your laundry on the same day for cleaning. Thanks to our contactless laundry pickup and delivery service, you don’t need to be present when we come by to collect your linens and fabrics.

  • We Wash and Deliver

When your items are brought to our laundromat, we will sort them before giving each of them the deserved TLC. We will then fold the items ready for delivery to your preferred location the next day.

Who Do We Serve?

HappyNest offers both home and commercial laundry services in Smithtown, NY and the neighboring towns. No job is too small or too big for us because we wash everything. So whether you have a stained wedding gown that needs some TLC or several bags of linens from your Airbnb, we will be glad to serve you.

Our customer reviews speak highly about the quality of services we render. Therefore, don’t struggle with laundry. Instead, outsource the job to us because we have what it takes to meet your laundry needs.

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