How it Works

You’re just 3 minutes away from never doing laundry again. Our pickups and deliveries are always next day and are always free. There are never hidden fees or extra charges for next day delivery.

Step 1

Sign up for HappyNest. You can set your preferences and pickup time at your convenience.

Step 2

You will receive a welcome call and email from our Customer Service Team to ensure we understand exactly how you want your laundry done.

Step 3

You laundry is picked-up, processed, and returned to you by one of our vetted and bonded HappyNesters.

Step 4

Tell your friends about your new found freedom!

Choose A Plan

Choose what works for you. Schedule a weekly or by request laundry pickup. 


Set your preferences – soaps, washing and drying temperatures, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, folding preferences and more. 


Read a book. Get outside. Play with the kids. Grab a drink with friends. See a movie. We’ll take it from here.

How Much Does It Cost?

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