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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Newton, Massachusetts


Choosing the Right Laundry Service in Newton, Massachusetts

The pile of dirty laundry is steadily growing taller. You know you need to do something about it, but you’ve just sat down after a long week of work. You’re thinking ahead to Saturday; maybe a midday picnic with the kids. But your mind always drifts back to the laundry, that chore you love to hate. It’s times like these that you wish you had a fairy godmother who could whisk away your dirty clothes with the flick of her wand. HappyNest’s wash and fold laundry might not have a wand, but we can certainly get the job done! Are you ready to make magic happen?

  1. Download our app on the App Store or Google Play; or visit our website and schedule your pickup and drop off dates. Whether weekly or by request, HappyNest home laundry service is here to serve Newton residents.
  2. Customize your laundry preferences. Choose your detergent, softener, dryer temperature, and even how you want your belongings folded!
  3. Leave your dirty clothes in a designated bag on the porch and we will be by for pickup.
  4. You can expect the full laundry service and a twenty-four hour delivery.

The Choices You’ll Have with HappyNest’s Wash and Fold Laundry Service

HappyNest’s residential laundry knows the importance of choice. First and foremost, your laundry plan should make your daily routines in Newton easier. Our weekly plan will give you consistent pickups, while our “by request” option leaves the control in your hands. But the choices don’t stop there. Are you tired of lugging those hefty detergent and softener bottles out to your car from the grocery store? Using HappyNest means you can select your favorites from below, curate your laundry plan, and allow us to do the lifting:

Detergents: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, and Seventh Generation

Softeners: Downy, White vinegar


Doing Laundry is History!

Signing up with your soon-to-be favorite laundry service allows you to take advantage of the free time that has always been absorbed by your least favorite chore. Discover the reasons why you’re glad to call Newton your home. Are you a history lover? The Durant-Kenrick House & Grounds is only one historically significant specialty museum in central Newton where you and the family can stroll through . Leave the laundry bag out on the porch for us and bring your enthusiasm as you explore your city of Newton.


A Reminder to Enjoy Newton and Forget Laundry!

Porcini rubbed bone-in ribeye with 15-year aged balsamic or sushi and sesame seared tuna with gingered rice? The thought of such delicious meals from Newton’s Capital Grille is enough to distract anyone https://www.thecapitalgrille.com/home Once you sign up with our laundry service, you can ensure that you’ll never miss a pickup date. You can choose to receive reminders by email, text or both the day before your pickup-just make the necessary modifications in your laundry profile. And if you do forget to put your laundry out on the porch? Contact Customer Service by calling (855) 335-9274 or emailing hello@happynest.com. If our drivers are still in your area, we will make every effort to arrange for a pickup. Entrees taste best when HappyNest handles the washing!


Vacate Your To-Do List

Sometimes the best vacation is the one you take in your own town. Newton is beautiful, so why leave? A Village Bed and Breakfast can be your second home for a weekend. We all need to get away from routine, and sometimes a small change of scenery does the trick! So, what about HappyNest’s laundry service you just signed up with? If you’re going to be away, just log in to your account and place your account on “Vacation Hold” until you return. We don’t give up on our clients easily–we’ll have your back and take your dirty clothes when you reluctantly get back to real life.

Signing up with HappyNest means that laundry is no longer a backbreaking, arduous task that sucks up your valuable time. Instead, it becomes a matter of a few clicks. No more waiting for the wash to finish or the shirts to finish air-drying. With the help of HappyNest you will become rich in experiences, full of appreciation for Newton, and feeling clean and fresh in clothes laundered with care and efficiency.

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