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Do you live in Revere, Massachusetts and laundry keeps getting in the way? If so, make HappyNest your go-to laundry service. Indeed, there’s no shortage of laundry companies in Revere, but we’ve carved a niche for ourselves in your city and Suffolk County by delivering unmatched wash and fold. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, experienced, and affordable laundry service for residential and light commercial customers.

HappyNest has been offering its laundry services in Massachusetts for years. We understand the laundry needs of our commercial and residential clients. In today’s era of convenience, we want you to mind other aspects of your life and leave your laundry to us. Sign up on our website or app and schedule a pickup today to start enjoying our professional services.

Customize Your Laundry Experience

Are you tired of public laundromats and are looking for a tailor-made laundry experience? HappyNest delivers just that, and much more. Even though there might be a laundry room in your apartment, we understand that you don’t like spending hours doing laundry. Moreover, you may not know how to thoroughly wash your items.

When you outsource your laundry to our laundry experts, you’ll reclaim the time that would have otherwise been spent making trips to the laundromat. Choosing detergents, and trying to allocate time for laundry will be a thing of the past. While scheduling your pick-up, you can instruct us on the type of detergents you want us to use on your items, and we’ll do exactly that.

Contactless Pickup and Delivery

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how important it is to maintain social distance. Our pickup and delivery laundry service is contactless, meaning that you’ll never meet our staff in person. All you need to do is get on your phone and schedule a pickup, and we’ll do the rest. Rest assured, our items will be delivered back to you meticulously cleaned, sanitized, folded, and ready for storage. Try us today and experience our workmanship.

Competitive, Transparent, Affordable Pricing

Worried about including laundry in your already-stretched budget? Well, we are here to alleviate your worries. The beauty of our laundry service is that it’s not only exceptional but also affordable. HappyNest charges a flat rate, and you also won’t incur any hidden charges. Special discounts and promotional offers are also available.

Do you wish to have your laundry done at the click of a button? Contact our Revere, Massachuetts HappyNest laundromat to schedule a pickup

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