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Home and Commercial Laundry Service in Northborough, MA


If you live or own a business in Northborough, MA, there’s a wash and fold company in town that delivers all your laundry needs. Thanks to HappyNest, there’s never been a better time to give up on laundry and focus on other more important aspects of your life.

You can now have your laundry washed at the touch of a button. So, forget about long queues at the laundromat or even the endless hours spent waiting for each load to finish washing. Instead, HappyNest wants you to live your life fully without laundry on your mind or to-do list.

How it Works

  • Schedule a Pickup

After signing up on our website or app, this is the first thing to do. Pack your laundry bags, then pick the collection date, time, and location. We will send someone over to pick the bags and bring them to our laundromat for washing.

  • We Wash

When your laundry comes to ask, we will first sort the items. Our experts will then decide on the most appropriate detergent for your garments. Back at home or wherever you’ll be, you can relax knowing too well that your items are in good hands. We follow each item’s care label instructions to the letter.

  • We Deliver at Your Doorstep

After washing and folding your garments, we will pack them in eco-friendly bags for delivery to your doorstep. You’ll get notified about the delivery time. Typically, we deliver within a day, but if you need your garments sooner, we can do that too.

Do Life the HappyNest Way

Life can get busy, and it’s easy to forget about laundry. If that happens, dirty garments will pile out of control. At HappyNest, we want you to always be on top of your laundry pile. We operate 24/7, and therefore you can schedule the pickup and delivery laundry service at a time that suits you.

We are dedicated to making life easier for you by providing unmatched laundry service and customer service. When you place your order, tell us how you prefer your garments laundered. HappyNest will show up and do the rest. With us, everything is guaranteed fresh and on time. So, sign up on our website and get started.

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