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HappyNest Expands on West Central Florida Coast, Now in Sarasota


After just launching in St. Petersburg–Clearwater, HappyNest partners with Bahia Vista Laundromat to bring next-day pickup and delivery laundry to Sarasota.

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. and SARASOTA, Fla. — March 25, 2022HappyNest, the tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service, is expanding on the west central coast of Florida, now available in Sarasota. The company’s new partner, Bahia Vista Laundromat is now providing HappyNest’s next-day, affordable, and eco-friendly pickup and delivery laundry services to residents and businesses in Sarasota. This comes after HappyNest just launched in St. Petersburg–Clearwater as well as Bradenton.

“We have been in the laundromat industry for five years, offering pickup and delivery to commercial businesses,” said David Pickert, owner of Bahia Vista Laundromat in Sarasota and new HappyNest partner. “We have wanted to expand our pickup and delivery to residential clients, and after considering various options, we determined that HappyNest is the perfect partner to handle our logistical needs.” 

The Bahia Vista Street location is well equipped with 30 high-efficiency washers and 36 high-efficiency dryers as well as an outstanding staff who takes special care to follow specific instructions. The HappyNest consumer-friendly mobile app makes it easy for customers to make special requests as well as select a weekly pickup time and auto-schedule payment.

“It’s no wonder HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry services are growing in popularity in Florida, as residents have more enjoyable options with the warmth and beauty of the west central Florida coast,” said John MacKrell, CEO and founder of HappyNest. “With its well-established business, this is a great time for Bahia Vista Laundromat to add pickup and delivery services to support demand in the community, and we look forward to working with them.”

HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry services are available extensively throughout Florida, including Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, and beyond. Earlier this month, HappyNest launched in Orlando. Late last year, the company launched in Sanford, as well as Lake Mary, Oviedo, and Deltona, among other areas.

HappyNest offers unmatched support for laundromat owners interested in adding or converting pickup and delivery laundry services for their community. To learn why HappyNest is the partner of choice for laundromats looking to grow and decrease excess capacity during the mid-week timeframe, go to: https://www.happynest.com/partner/.

After signing up, HappyNest customers simply leave their dirty laundry in a bag outside their door for pickup, and HappyNest returns all laundry clean and folded the next day.

The new HappyNest location in Sarasota, Florida is now accepting customer sign ups. Residents and businesses can check availability, pricing, or sign up for HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services at: https://app.happynest.com/sb/signup/.

About HappyNest

HappyNest is a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry service sweeping the U.S. The company's mobile app facilitates on-demand, customizable, next-day service. With the decline in the laundry services market due to the economic slowdown, HappyNest is giving new life to laundromats and their highly efficient washers and dryers that use 40% less energy than household appliances that would otherwise sit idle. HappyNest is a no-brainer for individuals who are looking to save time and busy employees working in laundry-heavy businesses. Check availability in your area at www.happynest.com or text/call 855-335-9274. Follow us on LinkedIn.