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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Tampa, Florida


Tampa, life in the Big Guava offers something for everyone. You can sit by the bay and watch boats sail by, or you can party like a pirate. When you live in a beautiful place with so much to do, do you want to spend your day off doing laundry? If not, HappyNest pickup and drop off laundry service can help.

Here’s how it works:

Set up an account with HappyNest and tell us what type of laundry service you would like. You can have regularly scheduled laundry service or have your laundry picked up by request.

Tell us how you would like us to take care of your clothes. Choose from our selection of detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets so that we know exactly what products to use when cleaning your clothes.

Leave your clothes outside on laundry day and let HappyNest mobile laundry service do the rest. We will pick up your clothes, wash them, and deliver them back to you clean and folded the next day.

Tampa Outdoors

Tampa Outdoors

With your laundry taken care of, you can get out and enjoy the sunshine. Go downtown and take a walk along the Tampa Riverwalk or Bayshore Boulevard. Maybe you want to go a little bit more off the beaten path and stroll the boardwalk through Lettuce Lake Park, where you might have some up-close encounters with the variety of aquatic birds in the area. While you are there, rent a canoe and paddle down Hillsborough River a while. If your clothes get a splashed with river water, don’t worry about it. HappyNest pickup laundry service will take care of it.

Tampa Family Entertainment

Tampa Family Entertainment

If you are not tied down by laundry, you can spend more time with the family. Tampa is such a great family city. Take the family to the children’s museum, or head to the aquarium for a dolphin cruise or a heart-of-the-sea swim with turtles and native fish. Maybe you can now take the kids for that long-promised day of fun at Busch Gardens that they have been begging for. If in between the roller coasters and the safari tour the kids spill ice cream or ketchup on their clothes, don’t worry about it. HappyNest laundry delivery service cleans all kinds of stains.

Tampa Sports

Tampa Sports

If you are a sports fan, Tampa offers games for all seasons. Hockey season? Go watch the Lightning light up the ice. Football season? The Bucs have some star power. Head over to Raymond James Stadium to see how far those pirates can sail. And let’s face it, your Tampa weather is perfect for baseball. So perfect, in fact, that during spring training you have your choice of baseball teams to watch play. But once summer begins, root for those Rays! With concessions selling peanuts, popcorn, Crackerjacks, lobster rolls, pulled pork, craft beer and locally roasted coffee, your sports stadiums let you watch your teams in style. HappyNest laundry service cleans everything from coffee stains to beer stains, so you can relax and enjoy the game with whatever kind of food you want. If things get messy, we’ll take care of it.


One of the best things about Tampa is just the charm of your city: the great restaurants, the coffee shops, the brick streets and iron balconies in the Ybor City neighborhood. When is the last time you went out in Ybor City for some Cuban or Spanish food, and sangria, or maybe even a Cuban cigar? Life is short, and HappyNest doesn’t want you to spend it in the laundry room. Put on your best clothes and get out and enjoy your city. If your favorite outfit gets dirty, HappyNest laundry service will return it to you cleaned and folded the day after we pick it up, so that you can go right back out again.

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