Join the
HappyNest Family
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Laundry Business
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Take Advantage of Your Laundromat’s Excess Capacity and Make More Money with HappyNest

As store owners, we all know that our store sits idle for most of the mid-week period. The HappyNest business model enables a laundromat owner to make more money by increasing equipment usage (turns per day) during low peak times and generate more sales and cashflow for your business.


  • No start-up costs, monthly fees or credit card fees
  • Service Area Exclusivity
  • All digital and traditional marketing costs are included
  • Increase the value of your business without adding new equipment
  • Boost Productivity of staff during slow mid-week periods

Proven go to market strategy

All hardware included

40 markets and growing

Best Practices

The HappyNest Team brings professional systems and organizational best practices from over 10 years of experience in operating a laundry delivery service. These systems and best practices include but are not limited to:

  • Proper sorting, washing, drying, folding techniques and garment care
  • Delivery logistics, route organization and laundry packaging
  • Experience with different laundry detergents, fabric softeners, labeling, and other applicable products
  • Available vendors’ contact information to obtain recommended products
  • Both store and delivery truck organization best practices

“The most important reason for joining HappyNest was scalability and also going with a team that has a proven system.”

Mark McInnes, HappyNest Partner in Maryland

Ready to Grow Your Laundry Pickup & Delivery Business with HappyNest?

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