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It’s a fact. If you’re not offering a laundry pickup service you’re leaving money on the table.

The question you should be asking is not if you should offer laundry pickup but how. With HappyNest, you can focus on doing what you already do well – wash, dry & fold – and not worry about managing a brand and finding customers.

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All Laundromats Have Excess Capacity

All Laundromats are built to satisfy peak weekend traffic.

As a consequence, each Laundromat – and the industry as a whole – suffers from permanent excess capacity.

~ 60% Excess Capacity

HappyNest Organizes Untapped Supply and Matches it with Consumer Demand

How it Works

HappyNest enables individuals to run their own Laundry Pickup and Delivery service under the HappyNest brand. ​Be part of a team, set your own rates, choose delivery days and get paid weekly. Earn money by helping people with their everyday laundry.


  • Comprehensive best-in-class software
  • Network of independent Laundromats operating under a single national brand
  • No startup costs, monthly fees or credit card fees
  • Service area exclusivity
  • Digital and traditional marketing included
  • Total “Customer Experience” support included
  • Subsidized branded vehicles
  • 75/25 revenue share model


  • Wash, dry & fold
  • Pickup and delivery


Customers Served


Loads Washed


Pounds of Laundry. Clean and Happy!

Contact us today about becoming a HappyNest Partner

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