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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Jacksonville, Florida


Jacksonville, Florida. Your motto: “It’s easier here.” We at HappyNest hear you, and we’re shouting back: “you’re right!” Palm trees, beaches, street art, coastal cuisine – what’s not to love? The best parts of life are exaggerated in Jacksonville, and we’re here to help you make them the priority. With fresh seafood markets to peruse, river taxis to ride, and home teams to cheer on, there’s plenty of Jax-centric activities to fill your time outside of the house. HappyNest is here to encourage you to pick up the activities you love and put down the ones you don’t. Our pickup and drop-off laundry services comes to you so you can spend your free time enjoying your city and all it has to offer. Less time doing laundry is more time learning to surf, or having a night on the town, or taking your children to any number of their increasingly niche extracurriculars. Is your youngest daughter showing interest in underwater paintball? Fear not, Jax – we’ll get out the stains!


Florida’s coastal cities offer an entire culture of aquatic activity, and your city alone offers 22 miles of beaches. Landlocked cities across the globe envy your wave-lapped toes. Surfing, swimming, boating, fishing – the waters beckon you daily to come have an adventure. Don’t stress about the sunscreen you spilled on the beach bag or the seagull’s friendly contribution to your towel. HappyNest will have your beachwear cleaned, folded, and bird-poop free for your next eventful beach picnic. They say saltwater is the cure to life’s woes so go for a dip because we’ve got your cure for laundry.

Historically, if you wanted to have your laundry done, you’d be stuck with “walk-in, drop it off, go back and pick it up” as your only option. Sure, you were no longer doing the washing, drying and folding but you’d traded that tedious chore for another – delivery driver. We want to eliminate the extra steps, let you drive straight home and kick your feet up or go for a run. Sound like a luxury? It is, but it’s surprisingly affordable and a down-right bargain when you actually add up what doing laundry week in and week out costs you in time.


Who are you? You’re a die-hard Jags fan who got a little too excited during the last game, and now there’s beer, sweat, and – is that blood? – down the front of your jersey. You’re a young professional tired of running out the door only to realize that you didn’t separate your whites and colors like your mom told you, and now your favorite t shirt is more, what would we call that, coral? Salmon? than the crisp white it started life as. You’re a dutiful parent trying to juggle work and life while your kids juggle, wait, that better not be ice cream?


Laundry has to get done, one way or another. Let us knock it off your to-do list. Our goal at HappyNest is to amplify your city motto and make it even easier here. Jacksonville has so much to offer: the history, arts, and culture, the outdoors and waterways, the culinary options and breweries. Instead of moving clothes from the laundry basket to the washer to the dryer don’t move at all! Plan a staycation even if only lasts as long as the five hours you just saved not doing laundry.

Go for a hike, get dirty, check out the Jax Ale Trail in Jacksonville, let the foam run over your pint glass and drip onto your pants, fall in love with your city, get active, get messy – and let us sweat the small stuff (and the sweaty stuff). Roll around in the dirt with your kids secure in the knowledge that you won’t be Googling “grass stain removal” when the frolicking’s over. Live life to the fullest, and trust that HappyNest will have your clothes cleaned, folded, and back at your home safely the very next day.

Sign up today and let us help make your home a happy nest!