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Three Ways to Make Your Laundry Service Preferences More Eco-Friendly


Contrary to what you might think, doing laundry has a significant ecological footprint. Nonetheless, there’s so much you can do to ensure your laundry practices do not harm our planet. It all starts with having eco-friendly laundry practices, and here are three ways to make those practices sustainable:

  1. Use Low-Water Washing Machines

Laundry uses a lot of water, and given that there’s a looming drought crisis in much of America, using low-water machines minimizes your ecological footprint. Upgrading to these machines is a significant investment, but it translates into significant cost savings in the long run.

With these machines, you’ll save water, detergent, and energy on every load. Your water usage can reduce by up to 80%, while your energy use during laundry operations will reduce by up to 50%. Besides reducing your ecological footprint, you’ll cut your utility bills considerably.

  1. Wash Your Laundry Less Often

Nothing is as stressful as stumbling across heaps of unwashed laundry in your home. Perhaps, this is what pushes many people into washing their laundry quite often. But did you know that washing your fabrics less often makes them last longer while reducing your utility bills?

The more regularly you do laundry, the quicker your fabrics will deteriorate. Clothes tend to fade and fray when washed more often. It’s needless to throw your jeans or jackets into the washing machine after wearing them just once. Instead, it’s best to recycle them because washing fabrics when they need them is good for the environment.

  1. Outsource Your Laundry

Many people have hard-to-clean garments that require specialized care. Washing these items at home means you may not do a proper job or end up consuming too much water or energy. Worse still, the garments may end up getting ruined. Outsourcing your laundry to a wash and fold service not only saves you from a lot of trouble but is also good for the environment.

Pickup and delivery laundry services help you reduce your ecological impact while creating sustainable cost savings through their operations. They use energy and water-efficient washing machines and dryers besides employing eco-friendly laundry operations. So, outsourcing your laundry to them is one of the most eco-friendly laundry service decisions you can make.

HappyNest is the home and commercial laundry service that cares for the planet as much as it cares for you. We emphasize laundry sustainability by using practices with minimal harm to our planet. So, sign up today to experience the sustainable way of doing laundry.