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Why it is Important to Read Care Label Instructions Before Sending to a Laundry Service


Most of us are guilty of tearing off the itchy labels on our clothing. However, before you get tempted to tear off a label on your clothing or even bedding, it’s best to take a moment and consider the role it plays. Typically, these labels include information about the material of your clothes/garments and care instructions.

Allowing the labels to stay in place is crucial, especially when you’re about to send your fabrics to a laundry service for washing. With most wash and fold laundry services offering customized service, the care labels give you an idea about how you want your laundry done. You can then indicate those preferences in your service order form.

Care Labels and Great Laundry Results

For most people, care labels are only crucial when deciding to buy clothing. Once they buy the items, they get rid of the labels. However, without the guidance of these labels, you may not know how to care for your garments and fabrics. Even when outsourcing your laundry to a pickup and delivery service, you’ll need to tell them how you want your item washed, but that can’t be the case if you have no clue of how to do it.

Reading care label instructions before sending your items to a laundry service also helps you determine the best wash and fold service to use. If a piece of clothing doesn’t require dry-cleaning, for instance, reading its care label instructions will lead you into hiring a laundry service that doesn’t use dry cleaning.

Although garment manufacturers can’t add all instructions in care labels, what you get is a great starting point. Thus, it’s essential that care labels remain permanently affixed to your garments and that you read them every time you’re about to send your laundry to a wash and fold service.

With a full-service laundry company like HappyNest handling your laundry, you won’t have to worry about care label instructions. Thanks to our decades-long industry experience, our experts understand the best care for each item in your closet.

Thus, they’ll do everything possible to wash your items thoroughly while ensuring that the most delicate fabrics and stitches remain intact. Sign up today on the HappyNest website or mobile app to experience the wash and fold service that cares for you and your laundry.