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Five Reasons to Sort Your Laundry Before Sending to a Laundry Service


If laundry were all about putting your dirty garments into the washer and starting the machine, life would be a lot easier. But as we all know, laundry involves so many tasks even before you put your clothes in the washing machine. Sorting your linens and fabrics is one such task.

Sorting laundry is one of the most tiring chores. Unsurprisingly, most people decide to ditch the process altogether and allow their laundry chips to fall into place. However, it’s essential to sort your fabrics before sending them to a laundry service. Here are five reasons to do that:

  1. It Guarantees Cleaner Clothes

Sorting your laundry makes stain removal easier. Separating soiled clothes from those that aren’t so dirty allows a laundry service to undertake stain treatment before washing, thus preventing the stains from settling in permanently.

  1. Color Preservation

Sorting your clothes according to color prevents the transfer of dyes from one fabric to another. Indeed, you don’t want your crisp white shirt to come back with a bright red splotch on it. Sorting your laundry before sending the fabrics to a wash and fold service prevents that.

  1. Less Wear and Tear

Delicate fabrics can get damaged by friction from heavy fabrics, zippers, or buttons. So, sorting your laundry prevents the possible damage of delicate fabrics. It’s best to wash like fabrics and linens with their kind.

  1. Prevents Lint Buildup

If you’re one of those guys who toss their towels with dark pants and jeans into the washing machine, the chances are that there will be unsightly lint on your clothing. Afterward, you’ll have to spend time removing the lint from your clothes, which isn’t an easy job to do.

  1. It Prevents Losses

It’s never a good idea to wash onesies such as socks with the rest of your laundry because they are likely to get misplaced. Sorting your laundry will allow you to pack smaller items such as socks separately. This goes a long way in ensuring they don’t mix with other clothing and get misplaced during washing.

How to Avoid Sorting Laundry

If sorting laundry is one of your least favorite tasks, you can sidestep it by hiring a full-service laundry company like HappyNest, which does everything for you. Backed by more than three decades of experience, we know what needs to be done to get your laundry fresh and sparking. Sign up today and let us give your laundry a professional spin.