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How to Save Time on Your Laundry


We all know how difficult and boring laundry can be. Taking on the chore is everyone's worst nightmare because it involves more than loading the washing machine. A lot of sorting, drying, folding, and ironing needs to be done, besides shopping around for the perfect detergent. Even so, you can still cut back on the time you spend doing laundry. Here are tips for saving time on your laundry:

Have laundry Baskets in Your House

Sorting is arguably the most time-consuming laundry task. If your clothes are in disarray all week, it will be difficult to sort them for washing come laundry day. Laundry bins, hampers, and baskets will make it easy for you to separate different fabrics and linens according to color and priority. This will make a whole difference on laundry day since you’ll do the task faster and more efficiently.

Even as you pre-sort your laundry using baskets, don’t forget to pre-treat stains. This will save you precious time on laundry day since you won’t spend too much time trying to get rid of the stains from your garments and fabrics.

Don’t Allow Your Pile to Get too Big

If you have a huge pile of dirty clothes to wash, you’ll certainly spend too much time tackling it. However, the same cannot be said about a smaller pile. You’re also likely to feel overwhelmed if you have a big pile to wash. To ensure that your laundry pile doesn’t get out of hand, it's best to wash your fabrics and linens regularly. This way, you won’t be greeted by a pile of musty laundry every time you walk through your doors.

Multitask When Doing Laundry

You can kill two birds with one stone by multitasking while doing your laundry. After loading your washing machine, you can get other things around the house done while waiting for the wash cycle to end. For instance, you could do the dishes or listen to an audiobook. This way, you’ll save time both on laundry and the other tasks you need to do.

No one ever gets excited about doing laundry, including enthusiasts because something always gets in the way. Nevertheless, doing laundry doesn’t always have to be difficult. With a wash and fold laundry service like HappyNest at your disposal, this task will be the least of your worries. Schedule the pickup and delivery service and experience laundry with a difference.