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Does Laundry Service Include Hanging and Folding?


A laundry pickup and delivery service offers the convenience of having your fabrics and linens washed by professionals. Besides, it saves you the time that would have hitherto been spent hauling heavy laundry bags to and from a laundromat. If you’re thinking about hiring a laundry service for the first time, many questions will run into your mind. The most persistent of them will pertain to whether laundry service also includes hanging and folding.

Well, the answer to this question is quite straightforward. Not every laundry company offers ironing and folding services. Some will only wash your items before bringing them to you. However, a full-service laundry company like HappyNest not only offers laundry pickup and delivery services but also irons and folds your items after cleaning.

Why You Need a Laundry Company That Hangs and Folds Your Items

Laundry entails a lot of work, from sorting your dirty items, washing them, and drying them afterward. Nothing keeps your items in good condition better than ironing. It gives clothes a crisper appearance, and the wearer, a professional look.

Outsourcing your laundry to a company that also irons and folds the items will save you a lot of time. You’ll never have to worry about spending a few extra hours ironing and folding your clothes for storage after receiving them.

Besides, a company cannot claim to offer full-service laundry if it doesn’t hang and fold your items as part of its pick-up and delivery service. Home and commercial laundry services are meant to offer you as much convenience as possible. You’d be better off doing your laundry at home than hiring a company that doesn’t offer ironing and folding services.

The HappyNest Advantage

At HappyNest, we understand just how tight your schedule is. When you schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service, we will do everything for you, from washing your items to delivering them back to you folded, and ready to store away. We don’t want you to start worrying about finding time to hang and fold your garments and fabrics.

Cleaning clothes without folding them makes little sense to us. Our goal is to reduce your workload as much as possible, which is why we extend our TLC to hanging and folding your clothing. Therefore, always trust us with your clothes because they will be returned to you clean, fresh, neatly pressed, and folded. Schedule our pickup and delivery service today to get started.