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5 Laundry Hacks You Should Know


Laundry is one of those house chores that never seem to end. Worse still, you can’t do without it since you’ll always need a fresh supply of clean clothes at all times. Even so, there’s always a way to make laundry easier and less tiring. Here are the top five laundry hacks you should know:

1. Have Laundry Baskets in the House

Sorting is perhaps the most tiring laundry-related task. It takes too much time to sort your items according to color, order of importance, and other parameters. This is always the case whether you do your laundry at home or hire a wash and fold service. Laundry baskets help you avoid losing items, and the last-minute hassles associated with scheduled laundry days.

2. Hang Items That Don't Have Their Matches

In a busy household, it’s easy for paired items such as socks to get lost. This can present a real nightmare on laundry day due to the possibility of doing a half job. If you routinely end up with items that have lost their match, your laundry schedule will be significantly affected. Hanging those items will help you identify their matches when they show up in another laundry load.

3. Do Your Laundry Regularly

It's a no-brainer that laundry will overwhelm you if you allow your pile to become too huge. Regular laundry is the easiest way to stay on top of your pile. You’ll spend less time washing your garments and fabrics on laundry days, and this allows you to do other things that matter.

It’s best to do laundry at least weekly and that is easy with HappyNest picking up and next-day returning your laundry.. Your pile will never become too huge and unmanageable. This also helps you avoid the stress that typifies laundry days. If your laundry needs are more demanding, you can schedule a laundry pickup and delivery service more regularly.

4. DIY Laundry is Never the Best Way to Go

We all look forward to saving a few coins. But, if you intend to do that by washing your clothes at home, you’ve got it all skewed up because you’ll end up spending even more money. DIY laundry means purchasing and maintaining expensive equipment besides requiring a constant supply of detergents.

5. Hire a Laundry Service

Laundry should be left to the experts. You have little reason not to hire a wash and fold laundry service to do the job that you probably do not enjoy. You’ll be guaranteed professional-level service at an affordable cost. It also saves you the trouble of doing the job yourself, while giving you the luxury to do the things you love.