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HappyNest Laundry Services Now Available in Jefferson City, Missouri


HappyNest is partnering with Capital Laundry to now serve Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri residents and businesses with next-day pickup and delivery laundry.

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. and JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — March 11, 2022HappyNest, the tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service, is now available in Jefferson City, Missouri via new laundromat partner, Capital Laundry. The next-day, affordable, and eco-friendly pickup and delivery laundry services are now available to residents and businesses in select areas in Cole, Boone, and Callaway Counties.

“With HappyNest’s investment in marketing and technology, we look forward to expanding our customer base in pickup and delivery laundry services while focusing on leveraging our facilities and expertise in laundry care,” said Mitch Sanders, owner of Capital Laundry and new HappyNest partner.

The Missouri Boulevard, state-of-the-art facility is equipped with high capacity, high-efficient washers with smart technology to ensure the perfect wash. Minimal amount of water is used to save energy as well as added wear and tear on laundry items. The 200g spin cycle ensures clothes come out dry, lowering dry time as well as high heat damage. The staff has a combined 30 years of experience to trouble-shoot even the toughest laundry issues, and the facility is deep cleaned daily.

“We love welcoming partners to the HappyNest team like Capital Laundry with such deep experience in the industry, including relationship building with both consumers and commercial account holders,” said John MacKrell, CEO and founder of HappyNest. “We look forward to helping them further build out their pickup and delivery laundry business in Jefferson City, Missouri.” 

With this partnership, HappyNest is now serving the following Missouri communities: Ashland, Hartsburg, Holts Summit, Jefferson City, Columbia, Hallsville, and Rocheport.

HappyNest has had a strong presence in St. Louis, and many surrounding communities, including Chesterfield and Florissant. HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery services are available extensively throughout the Midwest, including in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Ohio.

HappyNest works with laundromat partners to bring the convenient, next-day pickup and delivery service to various areas across the U.S. The HappyNest business model enables laundromat owners to make more money by increasing equipment usage during low peak times and generate more sales and cash flow. For more information, go to: https://www.happynest.com/partner/.

The HappyNest consumer-friendly mobile app allows both residential and business customers to easily auto-schedule pickup and delivery. After customers drop their dirty laundry outside their door or other arranged location for pickup, HappyNest returns everything clean and folded the next day.

The Jefferson City, Missouri location is now accepting customer sign ups. Residents and businesses can check availability, pricing, or sign up for HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services at: https://app.happynest.com/signup/.

About HappyNest

HappyNest is a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry service sweeping the U.S. The company's mobile app facilitates on-demand, customizable, next-day service. With the decline in the laundry services market due to the economic slowdown, HappyNest is giving new life to laundromats and their highly efficient washers and dryers that use 40% less energy than household appliances that would otherwise sit idle. HappyNest is a no-brainer for individuals who are looking to save time and busy employees working in laundry-heavy businesses. Check availability in your area at www.happynest.com or text/call 855-335-9274. Follow us on LinkedIn.