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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in St. Louis, Missouri


Some call St. Louis, Missouri the Gateway to the West. Others call it the Last Eastern City. The truth is St. Louis has a culture all its own. A big city with a laid-back lifestyle, St. Louis with its riverfront, celebrated sports teams and great food offers lots of great ways to relax and enjoy life. But is the time you spend doing laundry taking away from time you have to relax and enjoy your great city? If so, HappyNest laundry service has a solution. We will take care of your laundry for you, with an affordable pick-up and drop off laundry service that comes right to your door.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up an HappyNest laundry delivery service account.
  • Tell us what kind of service you would like. You can schedule a regular weekly pickup, or if you are not a regular-schedule type, you can arrange to have your laundry picked up by request.
  • Let us know how you would like us to care for your clothes. You can customize how your clothes are washed by choosing from our selections of detergents and fabric softeners. We offer top brand name products as well as eco-friendly cleaning options.
  • On laundry day, we will pick up your clothes, wash them, and return them to you cleaned and folded the next day. It’s that easy.
St Louis

St. Louis Sports

A pickup and drop off laundry service means you have more time to get around town. After all, this is one of America’s best baseball towns, so head over to Busch Stadium for some Cardinals baseball. What other town has a ballpark with a view of an iconic national landmark? Now that St. Louis has a Stanley Cup, the Cardinals are not the only championship team in town. Make sure to find the time to see your St. Louis Blues make music on the ice. If some of the mustard from a St. Louis pretzel gets on your favorite Cards or Blues jersey, relax. Remember, HappyNest home laundry service has you covered.

St louis

St. Louis Eats

Speaking of pretzels, St. Louis has some amazing food options. Maybe you want to use your time away from doing laundry take a tour of some of the foodie neighborhoods, like Maplewood or Soulard. Maybe you just want to stick to those unique classic treats that St. Louis is known for, things like toasted ravioli, barbecue, and that famous gooey butter cake. Of course, in the town where Anheuser-Busch began, there are plenty of beer options for washing down that great food. Don’t worry if you happen to get any of this great St. Louis food on your clothes. From barbecue sauce to custard ice cream, HappyNest wash and fold laundry service gets all types of stains out of clothing.

The problem with laundry is that it never goes away. There are always some socks, sheets, towels, and clothes somewhere that need to be cleaned. What are the benefits of using HappyNest pick up and drop off laundry service?

  • Did you turn your socks pink? That won’t happen with us. Your clothes are cleaned by professionals who wash clothing all the time. You won’t get back pink socks (unless, of course, you sent us pink socks.)
  • Did you forget clothes in the dryer too long and now they are all wrinkled? This is never a problem with us. Our team takes laundry right out of the dryer and folds them for you in perfect stacks.
  • Is laundry inconvenient for your busy schedule? It’s not inconvenient for us. After all, this is what we do.

At HappyNest laundry service, we want you to do life, not laundry. We strive to offer affordable, personalized laundry service so that your laundry is cleaned the way you like it at a price that fits your budget. Winter, spring, summer, and fall get out and enjoy the beautiful change of seasons in St. Louis. HappyNest will come to your home in all kinds of weather.