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HappyNest Expands Availability in 11 States During the Fourth Quarter


HappyNest next-day, affordable, and eco-friendly pickup and delivery laundry services continues to set records as it expands service across the country.

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. — February 3, 2023HappyNest, the tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service, expanded its availability in 11 states during the fourth quarter of 2022, increasing HappyNest availability in cities coast to coast.

HappyNest is now offering service in Minneapolis, Asheboro, Hendersonville, San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Putnam, Lake City, Pensacola and Norcross. The service has also expanded availability in the following cities: Denver, Prince William County, Miami, Manhattan, Bronx and Cleveland. HappyNest partners are fully equipped with high capacity and efficiency washers and dryers, and professional staff, who are committed to providing top of the line service to their communities. Offering pickup and delivery service increases the customer’s value options while allowing partners to expand their footprint in surrounding communities.

“HappyNest is a great organization, said Patricia Oshodi of Virginia’s The Washing Company. “They honor the position the laundromat has in the community and make it easier for us to focus on what we do best, laundry.”

HappyNest provides customers with convenient, fast, and reliable service, while reducing the time and energy spent on laundry. Offering a fully customizable experience, HappyNest provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution to the chore of laundry. HappyNest uses up to 40% less energy than household machines and provides reusable laundry bags to every customer on their first pickup.

“We are excited for the growth of the 14 partnerships that we established last quarter” said John MacKrell, CEO and founder of HappyNest. “Our partners play a critical role in providing fast, professional service to our customers and we look forward to continued success in 2023.”

HappyNest has a proven formula for pickup and delivery laundry services, boosting productivity and cash flow during the slow mid-week for its laundromat partners and providing a professional, reliable, and eco-friendly laundry solution to residents and businesses nationwide. In addition to their proprietary software and user-friendly mobile app, the company’s comprehensive support, including marketing for signups and retention, software for route management, business mentoring, financial assistance, and a full customer service team, positions its partners for success and allows them to scale their operations. For more information on becoming a HappyNest partner, visit: https://www.happynest.com/partner/.

Looking for a laundry service? It's easy for residents and businesses to schedule a pickup and get started with lightening their load. Customers put their dirty clothes, bedding, and/or towels in their HappyNest-provided bag and drop it on their doorstep for pickup. HappyNest returns everything clean and folded, to their exact preferences, the very next day.

HappyNest has expanded service and is currently accepting signups in the following cities:

  • San Bernardino, CA
  • Colorado Springs, CO
  • Denver, CO
  • Putnam, CT
  • Lake City, FL
  • Miami, FL
  • Pensacola, FL
  • Norcross, GA
  • Gaithersburg, MD
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Asheboro, NC
  • Bronx, NY
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Prince William County, VA

To sign up for HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services, go to: https://app.happynest.com/signup

About HappyNest

HappyNest is a convenient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and fast pickup and delivery laundry service sweeping the U.S. The company's mobile app facilitates on-demand, customizable, next-day service. With the decline in the laundry services market due to the economic slowdown, HappyNest is giving new life to laundromats and their highly efficient washers and dryers that use 40% less energy than household appliances that would otherwise sit idle. HappyNest is a no-brainer for individuals who are looking to save time and busy employees working in laundry-heavy businesses. Check availability in your area at www.happynest.com or text/call 855-335-9274. Follow us on LinkedIn.