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HappyNest Laundry Service – Perfect Time Saver for a Busy Family


Reposted from the Bored Mom blog:

Feeling overwhelmed by the laundry piles that have formed over the holidays? Between visiting guests, kids returning home from college and extra laundry to keep up with the various outfit changes for events and parties, I personally have Mount Clothing Kilimanjaro forming.

I just had the pleasure of trying out a new laundry service called HappyNest to help reduce some of my household strain And I believe I am a changed woman.

HappyNest is a new laundry service that is Nationwide and you can order home pick-up at your convenience.

boredmom 2

Simply throw all of your laundry into large plastic bags (they will give you a Branded HappyNest laundry bag after your first service), and select your preferred laundry settings on the app.

For example, I was able to select the type of laundry detergent, softener (if desired), and other settings such as temperature and drying time.

I put a large heap of laundry out on my deck and scheduled pick up for the next day. The next morning, I received a message on the app that my driver from happiness was on his way.

The driver enthusiastically introduced himself to me (and had his adorable daughter with him) and said that the laundry would be delivered the very next day. I’m glad I was home as he was happy to grab a quick picture with me out in the street.

boredmom 3

The next day I received a text message and email that my driver was in route to drop off my laundry. I received everything back folded perfectly, with origami-style precision. Our freshly laundered clothing smelled wonderful!

boredmom 4

I’m also excited because I was worried that some of my T-shirts may shrink, but everything was laundered and dried per my instructions and it was absolute laundry perfection!
The app is super convenient to use and the settings are easy to customize. Right now I receive a reminder asking if I would like laundry service. While I have my college daughter visiting for the month, I will do a few more loads with them because I’ve gotten used to doing laundry for just my husband and I. The extra help is much appreciated!


Thanks to HappyNest for letting me try out the service!