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HappyNest Closes 2020 with 10X Growth


Despite the challenging conditions that defined 2020, from catastrophic weather and wildfires to social unrest and a global pandemic, HappyNest reported 10X growth across critical KPIs. Having closed a $1.5MM seed round, HappyNest continued its national expansion tripling the number of production partners launching 37 locations in 19 different states.

With a significant investment in R & D, a commitment to agile development, and the key hire of Bill Doll as CTO, the HappyNest platform showed significant evolution as evidenced by 12 product releases, 5 in the last quarter alone. The focus on strengthening core HappyNest technologies, improving customer experience, retention and acquisition, and maximizing operational efficiencies paid real dividends with 46,000 completed pickups, 6,000 new customers, and 1.2MM pounds of laundry processed with next-day turnaround.

“In March the world started to turn upside down. By April our business model was undergoing a real-world stress test that no one could have predicted,” notes HappyNest CEO John MacKrell. “The adaptations we had to make because of Covid-19 turned into a forced process of discovery – one that’s made us a stronger company. We didn’t just survive in 2020, we thrived.”

HappyNest already has 9 new locations scheduled for a Q1 2021 launch and a second raise is underway. Reflecting on the trials and triumphs of the last year, MacKrell is looking ahead to the next. “We have ambitious goals for the next 12 months and have every expectation that we will not just meet but exceed them.”