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Are You Ready to Go from “Overwhelmed with Laundry” to “I’ve Got This”?


Running between work, school, clubs, extra activities, the hours in the day seem to fill up faster than a glass of water. How many times have you wanted to call it a night after an exhausting day but pushed yourself to do more because some things can’t wait until the next day? HappyNest was born out of a similar situation in our founder John MacKrell’s home ( About Us). So, we get what it’s like to wish that your laundry would magically wash, dry and fold itself.

Laundry Day reimagined!
“Imagine…What if your laundry day involved waking up in the morning, leaving your laundry bag outside your door and heading to your favorite spot in your home to enjoy some precious moments of silence? What if you never find the need to sneak a load in before the start of a busy day? What would you choose to do?” If you are excited by all the things you could do if you did not have to do laundry, HappyNest is for you!

Sign up when you are on the go or when you have a 3-minute break. All you have to do is follow these few steps:

  1. Create your account through our website or our phone app for Apple and Android.
  2. Type your zip code to see when our pickup laundry services are in your area and decide on whether you want to use our weekly or “by-request services.”
  3. Tell us how you would like your laundry done!

Everyone Has Different Laundry Service Needs

“Does one child have sensitive skin and need their clothes washed with a different detergent? Does another play the smelliest sport ever invented? Or do you and your partner need your work clothes to be hung dry? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

With HappyNest’s pickup and delivery service we want to help take away the stress that surrounds laundry. That is why we also offer a variety of soap options to make sure we have exactly what we need for washing your clothes. If you have any questions on our laundry service that isn’t easily answered, feel free to email us at hello@happynest.com and ask! No question is ridiculous when it comes to your laundry needs.

Monkey See, Children Do

No matter the age, your kids are watching. So, when you finish a hard day of work and there always seems to be load of laundry waiting to be squeezed in before finishing for the day, they notice. They notice when you push yourself beyond exhaustion and they notice when you make it seem alright to ask for help when you need it. It’s okay to get help with laundry. We’re here for you.

Allow us to take laundry off your hands so it never comes in the way of how you choose to spend your time. When our pickup laundry service delivers your closet-ready clothes to you the very next day, you’d probably need to spend a total of five-minutes putting them away. We consider that a win but would love to hear it from you when you actually experience our laundry service!

Sign up for HappyNest’s residential laundry service and claim back your family time. After busy workdays, spend your free time how you want instead of the washing machine.

Take $10 off your first pickup with code LIFE

As we like to say, do life, not laundry.