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Your Horse Wants Their Laundry Done!


Your Horses Want Their Laundry Done!

Horse laundry is scary and something that every equestrian dreads. Any horse enthusiast knows that equine accessories require specialized cleaning due to the significant amount of dust, mud, sweat, hair, and even bacteria that comes into contact with the gear.

Keeping equine accessories such as horse blankets, boots, saddle pads, and sheets clean is vital to your ponies’ health. Muddy and dirty equine gear can cause fungal infections, skin irritations, and other infections that reduce the performance and lifespan of your horses.

Leave Your Horse Laundry to Experts

Every horse owner has a personal attachment to his/her ponies. Thus, it’s common to find horse owners grooming and feeding their horses, besides doing everything possible to keep the animals healthy and comfortable. If you rear horses, equine laundry is among the tasks you shouldn't attempt.

The connection you have to your ponies may make you want to handle equine laundry yourself. Even so, it’s okay to get help with equine laundry. Professionals who offer equine laundry services use high-tech laundry equipment to pre-wash, wash, and rinse your equine laundry.

Besides, they use the recommended cleaning agents to ensure that the accessories stay in good condition even after years of use. Regular washing machines may not offer the kind of care your equine accessories need, thus the need to leave the task to professionals who will get the job done with the utmost care.

Equine laundry services also include pickup and delivery scheduled at your convenience. You don’t have to worry about hauling the dirty accessories to the laundromat for cleaning and picking them up afterward. What’s more, specialist drying, re-proofing, and repair services are offered to ensure that your equine accessories stay in good condition.

Worry About the Horses, Not Rugs

If you’re a stable manager or owner, there’s a lot you need to do, from keeping the horses healthy, to enlisting them into competitions. The last thing you should worry about is horse laundry. Therefore, allow professional cleaners to take away some of the burden by handling the laundry. You’ll be charged a flat rate for the service, which saves you operating costs.