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The Red Sox' laundry cart celebration is a "thing!"


The Red Sox’s Laundry Cart Celebration is a “Thing”

If you’ve been watching baseball lately you must have noticed Red Sox hitters taking a ride in the laundry cart immediately after making a home run. Now the question is, where did the practice start?

The Laundry Cart Celebration

The ride in a laundry cart signifies a moment of celebration every time the Red Sox hits a home run. This interesting ritual is an indication of the kind of fun the Red Sox players are enjoying especially during the start of this new season. 

In reality, the laundry cart ride began last year, 2020, towards the end of the Red Sox’s miserable 24-36 season. While on the campaign to improve on their bad performance, the Red Sox wanted something that would make them smile and be hopeful. 

So, on September 13 at Tropicana Field, Jason Varitek, the catching instructor, and the current team’s game planning coordinator, spotted a random laundry cart somewhere in the dugout. He wondered what the laundry cart was doing there in the first place until he witnessed the celebration from Red Sox players.

Kevin Plawecki Celebration Idea

According to Christan Arroyo, the infielder, Kevin Plawecki, the teams’ backup catcher, came up with the laundry cart celebration idea. What this means is that after hitting a homer, batters within the Red Sox team are treated to a heartwarming ride in a laundry cart. This unique type of celebration is actually one of the quirky team-building theatrics that the club displays to make the game season enjoyable and fun to watch.

The Red Sox team members certainly enjoy the laundry cart celebration since it makes them create a light moment that brings everybody together. You can even see from the smiles on the team members’ faces that they are having a good time while taking a ride in the laundry cart.

The team brings a new laundry cart to every park during the matches. So, the team member who hits for homers enjoys the ride while others push him along in celebration.

Even though Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, was not part of the team last year (2020), he enjoyed each game on TV and he could see the generated enthusiasm from the laundry cart ride. The manager went as far as encouraging his players to carry on with the laundry cart celebration this year. 

As a matter of fact, a ride in a cart is one of the things that the Red Sox team enjoys doing. The team also, looks forward to several laundry cart celebrations across the season.