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What is the Most Efficient Laundry Routine for Busy People?


If you’re busy with school, work, or even mom duties, it’s easy to put household chores on the back burner. You may say to yourself “I’ll wash my laundry tomorrow.” However, something always seems to get in the way. If that happens to you, worry no more because we have a few tips you could use to make your laundry routine efficient.

Let’s get straight to it.

Sort Your Laundry on the Go

Having laundry baskets in your home is an excellent solution because it helps you to sort your dirty garments and fabrics on the go. With a three-part laundry basket, for instance, you can easily sort your clothes into three categories; darks, lights, and pastels. In doing so, you’ll have less demanding loads come laundry day. Besides, all you’ll need to do is start washing right away without sorting the laundry.

Create a Laundry Routine

Most busy people struggle to keep up with their laundry because they don’t have a routine. Creating a laundry routine makes the chore easier because you’ll have time for it every week, regardless of your busy schedule. Start by figuring out what needs to get washed, then choose days that are suitable for washing. Once you create a laundry schedule that works around your busy routine, heaps of dirty clothes around the house will be a thing of the past.

Even with a laundry routine in place, it’s still crucial to stay consistent. If you allow your laundry basket to fill out every time, laundry days will always involve too much work. However, this doesn’t mean washing your laundry all the time. However, wash your dirty clothes as soon as your pile is big enough to fit into a load.

Outsource Your Laundry

An essential laundry tip for busy people is; outsource the job to professionals. If you can’t seem to keep up with your laundry regardless of how hard you try, use HappyNest’s on-demand and scheduled pickup and delivery laundry services.

You’ll not only have your laundry heap washed and folded by experts then delivered to your preferred location within 24 hours. By outsourcing your laundry to HappyNest, you can focus on the more vital things in your life. So, don’t struggle to keep up with laundry, yet you have a wash and fold service you can count on. Sign up to schedule your first pickup.