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Raise the Bar for Your Equine Laundry


Raise the Bar for Your Equine Laundry

Horses are gentle animals, but they do get dirty. Any equestrian will tell you that it takes a lot of time and effort to keep horses clean, comfortable, and healthy. Horse laundry, in particular, is a difficult chore that requires specialized skills and equipment, which you may not have. By outsourcing your equine laundry to professionals who clean, reproof, and repair horse rugs, you’ll be able to spend more time perfecting your art.  

Spend More Time in the Saddle, Not Laundromats

Tackling equine laundry on your own while juggling between your family and social life and the stables means you’ll have less time with your horses. Consequently, you won’t be able to train as much as you do. Equestrian laundry service providers allow you to raise the bar— literally since you’ll dedicate more time to your ponies and train more, thus increasing your chances of winning when you get on the equestrian trail.

These professionals make the cleaning and repair of your horse laundry easy and convenient. They not only clean the laundry but also do any required patchwork using durable and tough materials. This ensures that you and your pony look great on the equestrian trail. Horse laundry service providers use the latest equipment to clean your saddle pads and numnahs, quilts, rugs, boots, sheets, and blankets.

For your peace of mind, your laundry will be handled with the utmost care to keep them in good condition. The cleaners only use the recommended detergents that help maintain the quality of your equine gear. They understand how essential equine gear is to equestrians particularly ahead of competitions. For this reason, they always complete the laundry work within the stipulated deadlines besides ensuring speedy delivery for your convenience.

Save Time and Money and Keep Diseases at Bay

Equine laundry professionals provide their service at competitive prices. They aim to help you save money and time by offering premium laundry services. Thanks to their services, your equine rugs and boots will look as good as new for years to come and last longer.

As standard, all your laundry washed will get treated using antibacterial rise. Antiviral and antifungal products are used to sanitize rugs exposed to strangles and ringworm. This reduces the risk of disease, thus keeping your ponies healthy and ready for competitions. The cleaned laundry will be returned packed neatly in sealed bags. Therefore, they will stay fresh and clean until you need them.