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Why Do Thrift Stores Require Laundry Services?


Light Commercial Laundry Service- Thrift Shops

Thrift store shopping is an amazing way to save money. If you sell second-hand clothes and linens are your thrift store, it's best to ensure that they are clean. Even when buying second-hand items, no one wants to take home dirty garments. Therefore, stocking clean items at your thrift store can be a huge selling point.

The demands of running your thrift store while managing its laundry needs can be overwhelming. You'll have to create time every week to sort the items, find the right detergent for each item, load the washing machines, and fold the washed clothes and linens. This takes a lot of time, and there's never a guarantee that your items will get cleaned thoroughly.

Why More Thrift Shop Owners Opt For Wash and Fold Laundry Services

More thrift store owners are waking up to the fact that laundry services play a significant role in the success of their businesses. Here's why they are increasingly opting to outsource their laundry to light commercial laundry service professionals:

  • Affordability

Having your laundry done in-house may seem like a financially-savvy decision, more so it yours is a small thrift store with a strained budget. However, that's not true. When your laundry is handled by professionals, you'll be charged a flat rate, which is typically by the pound. Besides, there are always lots of exciting discounts and special offers that you can leverage to do your laundry on the cheap.

  • Convenience

Gone are the days when small business owners like you had to contend with time-consuming trips to laundromat whilst hauling pounds of dirty laundry along. Thanks to light commercial laundry services for thrift stores, your items will be picked from your most convenient location for cleaning before being delivered back. This gives you some extra time to focus on your business.

  • Professional Care

Second-hand clothes and linens that have been professionally washed and folded are more likely to sell than those that got laundered in-house. Pick up and delivery laundry service professionals know what needs to be done to give your items a fresh look that entices customers to buy.

Have Your Laundry Done the Convenient Way

Laundry is a difficult chore, but light commercial laundry experts enjoy it. Don't allow this chore to eat up much of your time. Let it be done by wash and fold laundry service professionals, and the results will amaze you.