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My Dryer is Broken. What Next?


What do I do when my dryer breaks down?

A clothes dryer is one of the most essential laundry equipment. Since it's used a lot, it tends to break down quite easily. A broken or malfunctioning dryer can put a dent on your laundry routine. After finding time off your busy schedule to do laundry, the last thing you look forward to is a broken dryer. Your laundry will pile up quickly, and you may even find yourself without clean clothes. Fortunately, a broken dryer doesn’t spell the end of the world. Here are some of the options you have at hand:

Try Fixing the Issue Yourself

There's an abundance or DIY websites where you can learn a thing or two about fixing broken dryers. These websites are an excellent resource if your dryer breaks down. Before you even call a repair service, try diagnosing the machine to see whether you can fix the issue yourself. The user manual is also a good place to start if you're looking to fix a faulty dryer. If the malfunction is beyond your technical know-how, you can go ahead and call a repair service.

Contact a Repair Service

It’s always good practice to contact a repair service if your dryer malfunctions. These experts can easily diagnose the cause of the problem, and thus offer a long-term solution. Some manufacturers even repair faulty dryers as part of their after-sales services.

The downside of contacting your manufacturer or a repair service is that there's never an assurance on if and when your dryer will be fixed. The long waiting lists mean that you may wait for even months before your turn arrives. Needless to say, your laundry will keep piling during this time. Therefore, this isn’t a suitable option for those who want to get back to their laundry routine as soon as possible.

Schedule a Wash and Fold Laundry Service

When your dryer stops working, your laundry pile won’t stop growing. Therefore, you need an immediate solution to ensure that your Landry routine is maintained. Scheduling a wash and fold laundry service with HappyNest is the best solution at your disposal.

The items will be collected as soon as you place your order, and delivered at a time and place of your convenience within 24 hours. Thus, there will be minimal disruption to your laundry routine. The pickup and delivery laundry service also offers you a cheaper and more convenient option when it comes to doing laundry.