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Do I need a washer and dryer to get my laundry done?


Many people see washing machines and dryers as a must-have investment. When moving to a new apartment, one of the things that will influence your decision is the presence of a laundromat in the building. However, one question remains unanswered; is investing in a washer and dryer worthwhile? And, do you even need them to get your laundry done?

What are the Benefits of Having a Washer and Dryer?

Some people derive great satisfaction from doing their own laundry. For such people, having a washing machine and dryer at home is a must-have. With washing equipment at home, you can always do your laundry as you want, and whenever you want. You’ll never have to engage with a laundry company whenever you want to wash your dirty clothes.

Why You Don't Really Need a Washing Machine and Dryer

Funny enough, most people who install washing machines and dryers at their homes end up not using them in the first place. Often, they are too busy to do their laundry, or don’t have the expertise to do their laundry right. It makes little sense for you to spend thousands of dollars on washing equipment you won’t use.

Contrary to what you may think, owning a washing machine and dryer is not a prerequisite as far as doing laundry is concerned. Thanks to professional launderers like HappyNest, you can have your laundry done to the highest standard without ever having to purchase expensive equipment.

Laundry services use hi-tech washing machines and dryers, which deliver the high-quality care your garments need. With them, you also get wash and fold laundry services, as well as pickup and delivery laundry services. Such services are designed to suit all budgets and your tight schedule. Likewise, a laundry service negates the need for you to spend too much money on washing machines and dryers.