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How many towels does a Car Detailing business use?


Light Commercial Laundry Services- Car Detailing

A car with a clean interior feels inviting and makes you want to take that long trip you've always wanted. However, the same cannot be said of one whose interior is muddied, stinky, or just dirty. If you manage a fleet, give the cars the exquisite look they deserve by having their interiors cleaned by professionals who offer light commercial laundry services. 

No Detailing Equipment? Worry No More

Fleet managers understand just how difficult it is to clean the interiors of several cars at a go. Job-related demands mean you may not even have the time to clean the vehicles in the first place. The machinery needed to do the job professionally are also costly to acquire and maintain. If your fleet comprises several dozen vehicles, you'll need an in-house team just for car detailing. Hiring, training, and equipping the team will cost an arm and a leg. 

You can save yourself from all this trouble by outsourcing the task to light commercial laundry experts who focus on car detailing. The beauty of engaging these experts is that you don't need to take your vehicles to their facilities. Most offer mobile car detailing services, and therefore, they can always come to your most convenient location to undertake the job. 

Don't Allow Car Detailing to Overwhelm You

Anyone who has done car detailing knows just how demanding and time-consuming the task is. Specialized equipment is required, and you may not have it. If you're working on a fleet, it may mean setting aside a day or two just for the job. This means a loss of business since your fleet will be idle. 

The car detailing experts who offer commercial laundry services always move with speed to ensure that your vehicles' interiors get cleaned within schedule. They work with minimal disruption to your supply chain, and therefore, your fleet will always be ready for use on-demand. 

When detailing your vehicles' interiors yourself, there's always the risk of damaging delicate components such as electrical systems. The same cannot be said of car detailing professionals. They always count on their expertise to ensure you get the highest-quality service. They are also bonded and insured. Therefore, any damage that might arise in the course of their job will get compensated. 

As a fleet manager, car detailing shouldn’t be your biggest worry. Instead, worry more about growing your business and allow commercial laundry experts to handle your car detailing needs. Rest assured, the service will save you a lot of time and effort.