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Barber Shops have a high need for Laundry Services


Despite the well-documented benefits of outsourcing laundry services, many barbershop owners still shun the idea of having their towels cleaned by light commercial laundry experts. The misconception that commercial laundry services are expensive is what makes them overlook the service.

If you’re among these barbershop owners, you’re missing out on a great opportunity and the advantages of having your laundry done by professionals.  If you still wash your towels and linens, you’re literally piling on burdens you’re better off without. Here’s are some reasons to outsource the task to professionals:

High-Quality Cleaning

Washing your linens and towels in small non-industrial washing machines means you’ll have to deal with discoloration, stains, hair, oils, and other debris while preventing damage by harsh cleaning agents. You don’t have the expertise to do a proper cleaning job, which means that you probably won’t get rid of all the stains and discolorations.

Leaving the job to a light commercial laundry service lifts a burden off your shoulders since you’ll never have to deal with dirty laundry again. Your towels and linens will get washed in an industrial facility equipped with top-of-the-range machines that are designed for quick service. Rest assured, the items will always come back in pristine condition.


Running a barbershop comes with a lot of strain. After investing in mission-critical equipment such as shavers, it’s needless to start worrying about purchasing washing machines and dryers for your towel service. A commercial laundry service gives you the convenience of having your linens cleaned without the extra burden of investing in expensive equipment.

Any barbershop owner will tell you how nice it feels to have someone else handle their laundry. You too, should join the bandwagon and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a reliable barber shop towel service to handle your laundry needs.

Time and Cost Savings

Linen service providers save you a lot of time and money. For starters, you won’t bear the financial burden of purchasing expensive equipment for your in-house laundry facility. Besides, your towel inventory will be managed by experts, which means less risk of running out of clean, fresh towels.

With a reliable laundry service, those time-wasting trips to the laundromat to have your linens cleaned will be a thing of the past. So don’t let the chance to work with professional launderers pass you. Outsource the job to professionals, and sit back and enjoy running your business.