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Life, Not Laundry: How to Get 8 More Hours Each Month


Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend doing your laundry every month? Or how much time you spend dropping off and picking up your laundry from a laundromat? Well, if you thought about that, you’ll be surprised by the amount of time this chore takes up.

According to a recent Time Use study, Americans spend up to 17 minutes a day on their laundry, which adds up to 8 hours every month. By all standards, 8 hours is a lot of time. To put this into perspective, you could be spending an entire workday cleaning your dirty laundry. This doesn’t even include the time lost doing prep work such as shopping for the appropriate detergent, soaking and sorting dirty laundry, and ironing and folding cleaned garments.

Getting Help With Laundry

Given that you could be spending 8 hours every month cleaning dirty socks, pants, and shirts, it makes sense to get help with your laundry. You’ll be better off spending that time with friends, family, pursuing your hobbies, or completing work-related tasks.

Whether you’re a young working-class New Jersey resident or a busy mom with no time to spare, you can save time and money by choosing HappyNest’s same-day pickup and next-day delivery laundry service. All you need to do is to bag your dirty laundry and leave it at your most convenient location.

Our cleaning experts will pick up the garments, wash, dry, fold, and deliver them to your address. Thus, we save you the hassle of driving to our laundromats. We wash each client’s garments separately besides sanitizing them. Given that we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic, this helps to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

To ensure that your laundry gets delivered back to you as soon as possible, all our New Jersey locations are equipped with high-capacity washers and dryers. Whether you only want a few garments cleaned or to do laundry for your entire family, we have everything needed to ensure your loads get cleaned fast.

What Are You Waiting For?

We all know how time-consuming laundry work is. HappyNest offers you a convenient, affordable, and time-saving way to clean your laundry. We want you to dedicate as much time as possible to other tasks that matter more to you, which is why we offer our pickup and delivery laundry service. So, sit back and let us do your laundry for you.