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Celebrate National Laundry Day with HappyNest


April is a favorite time of the year for laundry enthusiasts because it’s National Laundry Month. Although laundry is a tedious chore, you can use this month to learn a couple of tricks that will make it more enjoyable and relaxing. That said, here’s how to celebrate National Laundry Day with HappyNest:

Involve the Whole Family

Although laundry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a lot you can do to make it a fun activity for the whole family. Getting everyone on board on laundry day means you’ll spend quality time with your family while getting your clothes cleaned. HappyNest offers you the opportunity to schedule a pickup for your entire family’s laundry.

While you wait for us to come for the laundry, you can ask each family member to pack away their dirty items. You could even create a game out of it and make the experience even more fun. For instance, have a prize for the person who finishes packing his/her laundry fast.

Create a Laundry Schedule

Be it National Laundry Month or any other time of the year, you can schedule HappyNest’s pickup and laundry delivery 27/4. However, the company can also pick your laundry for washing on demand. This is particularly helpful in those moments when life becomes hectic and laundry gets relegated to the back burner. Creating a laundry routine on the HappyNest website or mobile app will help you stay on top of your pile regardless of how busy your schedule becomes.

Create a To-Do List

The National Laundry Day often falls within the mud season. During the month, your clothes will certainly get dirtier than usual, but this shouldn’t stop you from going out for adventures and enjoying the warm Springtime weather. HappyNest offers you the opportunity to celebrate National Laundry Month without worrying about the dirt and the stains.

Choose a Detergent That Works for You

Although HappyNest uses eco-friendly and the highest-quality detergents, you can still state the detergents and softeners you want to be used on your garments when scheduling a pickup. HappyNest uses fragrance-free and hypoallergenic detergents to reduce the likelihood of a reaction to psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Don’t Allow Laundry to be A Chore Anymore

Celebrating National Laundry Month doesn’t mean doing the laundry yourself. With HappyNest, you’ll look forward to laundry days because it means more time for the things you love. Sign up today to get started.