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Laundry is Piling Up! Next.


As a busy mom, student, or working professional, there are times when you get overwhelmed with laundry. Nothing is as daunting and depressing as having a mountain of dirty clothes that need to get washed. Laundry is an unending chore because as soon as you finish working on one pile, something else will be waiting for you.

A lot is involved in this chore beyond putting the dirty laundry in a washing machine. You’ll need to sort the clothes, find a suitable detergent for each item, wash, dry, and fold the clothes. Indeed, this takes a lot of time and effort. When laundry piles up, you may even find yourself without clean clothes or underwear, which is such a shame.

Keeping Up with Your Laundry

Doing laundry is like an unavoidable evil. No one looks forward to this chore, but it needs to be done anyway. That said, here are some tips that can make laundry day more bearable:

Use Laundry Hamper

Come laundry day, the most daunting task is sorting the dirty clothes. You can make things easier by using a laundry hamper with compartments to sort different types of laundry. On D-day, you won’t need to spend time sorting the laundry for washing.

Schedule Frequent Washing

Your mountain of dirty clothes will keep growing bigger if you wash them infrequently. An easy way of staying on top of your laundry is having the dirty clothes cleaned frequently. Doing small loads of laundry regularly is easier than handling a huge pile since it stops you from falling behind.

Use a Laundry Chart/App

For a busy family, laundry apps/charts are a great way to stay on top of your laundry. These chore charts help you to create a cleaning routine. Besides, there are apps that remind you about laundry days and the duration of your wash cycles for better planning of your cleaning routine.

Fold Each Load Immediately After Washing

Washed laundry could also pile up and make things even harder for you. Thus, you shouldn’t wait until you’ve washed all the laundry to start folding and storing them away. Instead, fold each load immediately after washing.

Schedule a Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service

Since you’re not a laundry expert, a lot could go wrong when cleaning your dirty clothes. There’s no better way of staying on top of your pile than leaving the job to a reliable laundry service. This also helps you to create time for the more important aspects of your life.