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Is It Worth Having an In-House Laundry Operation?


Is it Worth Your Small Business to Have an In-House Laundry Operation?

If your business deals with a lot of dirty garments and linens, the idea of setting up an in-house laundry operation will undoubtedly cross your mind. However, you should also ask yourself whether such a move makes financial sense. That said, here’s why it isn’t worthwhile to have an in-house laundry operation:

It Eats into Your Profit Margins

The objective of every organization is to make a profit. However, this can be particularly difficult for small businesses that decide to have an in-house laundry operation. Installing high-quality laundry equipment can set you back thousands of dollars, besides forcing you to incur monthly utility bills. Needless to say, this increases your operation costs, thus eating into your profit margins significantly.

You May Not Do a Proper Cleaning Job

Laundry requires considerable expertise, which is something your in-house team may not have. It makes little sense to spend too much money on an operation that doesn’t guarantee the desired results. Instead, outsource your laundry needs to experts since they guarantee a proper job.

It is Disruptive

With an in-house laundry operation, there are likely to be regular disruptions in your operations. For instance, if a member of the laundry team fails to show up for work, the team’s output will be hampered. Hence, your supply of clean laundry will also take a hit.

The same cannot be said of full-service laundry companies since they are fully staffed and well equipped to take on any job. With them, you have a guarantee with your laundry, so no worries about any shortfalls. A reliable laundry service always goes out of its way to guarantee a constant supply of fresh laundry at all times.

Knowing too well what you get from a wash and fold laundry service, it makes little sense for you to establish an in-house laundry operation at your small business. At HappyNest, we have a dedicated light commercial laundry service for small businesses. We’re dedicated to helping you focus on growing your business rather than doing laundry. To get started, schedule the pickup and delivery service we offer.