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3 Efficient Laundry Routine Tips for Busy People


If you’re busy, chances are that laundry will be the last thing in your mind. Busy people tend to procrastinate whenever laundry days came around because it's difficult for them to find time for the chore. Here are three efficient laundry tips that can help busy people to stay on top of their laundry pile.

1. Implementing a Laundry Basket System

Sorting is the most tiring laundry task. However, you can make things a little easier by implementing the laundry basket system. To do so, buy several laundry baskets for sorting your fabrics according to color, material, and even the extent to which they are soiled. We all know the significance of washing clothes separately, and the easiest way to save time while at it is sorting your clothes beforehand.

2. Do Your Laundry Consistently

Arguably, being consistent is the most efficient laundry routine. If you allow your laundry basket to fill out to the brim, chances are that the task will overwhelm you. Conversely, it's easier to tackle smaller piles since they require less prep work.

The best place to start is scheduling regular laundry days. This could be on weekends or any other day when you’re free. Although it's a little old-fashioned, there's no better way to manage your pile. Dong laundry consistently means you’ll have little to do whenever laundry day arrives.

3. Use the Tumble Dryer as an Iron

Did you know that the tumble dryer can also be used to straighten your fabrics? Well, all you need to do is put your clothes in the dryer for ten minutes or thereabouts before hanging them to dry out naturally. Then, when the clothes dry, you won’t need to iron them because the fabrics will be less wrinkled. However, it’s best to remember that this hack doesn’t work for button-down shirts. It’s most effective with pants and t-shirts.

The Smarter Way to Do Laundry

Knowing too well how frustrating laundry can be, to should consider the smarter way to get around this task. HappyNest is the smarter and convenient way to do laundry. Thanks to our pickup and delivery laundry service, you’ll never have to do anything yourself. Likewise, the service is designed to work around your busy schedule. Check out our website to find out more about our services.