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The Boca Raton Laundry Service Local Moms Never Knew They Needed


This is an excerpt from an article on modernbocamom.com. You can read the full article here: https://modernbocamom.com/2020/06/boca-raton-laundry-service-happynest/

Of all the house projects I tackled during the 2020 pandemic, who knew my Boca Raton laundry room would be my favorite one. Yes, I have officially fallen victim to making the workhorse room of our house look worthy enough for the ‘gram. Good thing I married a handyman! And P.S. I’m not alone. If you search the hashtag #laundryroommakeover on Instagram, you’ll find drool-worthy laundry stations featuring everything from trendy floral wallpaper and custom shelves to cheeky signs and ornately stenciled floors.
But of course now that I have this gorgeous laundry room, why in the world would I want to mess it up by actually…doing laundry?

I’m only half kidding, but you moms know what I’m talking about!

Boca Raton Laundry Service & Laundry Room Makeover

Sometimes, the laundry process can be arduous. Tedious. Overwhelming. I have no idea how my family creates so many dirty clothes every week–and I only have ONE KID!!! That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to HappyNest, the Boca Raton laundry service us moms never knew we needed.

Boca Raton Laundry Service & Laundry Room Makeover

As a former Manhattanite, sending out the laundry was a common practice. Most of the apartments I lived in never had a washer or dryer. When we moved back down to Boca, I’m not sure why I got so excited about having a laundry area (not even a room, yet!) in my house. Having someone else handle it was so much easier!

And it STILL is. Here’s how Boca Raton’s laundry service, HappyNest, works.

Boca Raton Laundry Service HappyNest

How HappyNest works

Set up an account with HappyNest and simply let them know what type of Boca Raton laundry service you would like. You can have regularly scheduled pickups, or you can have your laundry picked up on request. The choice is yours!

Then, you’ll tell them how you’d like your clothes cleaned. There is a huge selection of detergents and fabric softeners so your family’s laundry will be handled exactly the way you like.

Ours came back the softest it’s ever been- FYI. Heavenly.

Get $20 off your first HappyNest service with code: MODERNBOCAMOM

Boca Raton Laundry Service HappyNest

On laundry day, leave your laundry out in their custom pickup and delivery bag (that’s mailed to you in advance) and let HappyNest do the rest! They’ll deliver (with a mask and a smile!) your cleaned and folded laundry back to you the very next day.

Get $20 off your first HappyNest service with code: MODERNBOCAMOM

Boca Raton Laundry Service HappyNest van

What about pricing and bulkier items like bedding?

I had this question too! Pricing, just like it was back in NYC, is by the pound and can be found by entering your zip code on the HappyNest website.

As for bulky comforters, bed spreads and pillows, HappyNest offers pricing by the item. You’ll even get a nice discount if you sign up for their weekly service! Here’s what my order ended up costing, as an example.

Get $20 off your first HappyNest service with code: MODERNBOCAMOM