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Home of the deep dish pizza now has HappyNest for a laundry service!


Laundry pickup-and-delivery service HappyNest has expanded into the Chicago market.

“Having made good inroads along the East Coast and continuing to grow that market, we also want to find the best operators in the Midwest region, and Atukwe Newell and the Bubbleland brand are certainly in that class,” said HappyNest founder John MacKrell. “Atukwe and his family have been terrific operators in the Chicago area for a long time, and we couldn’t be happier that they have agreed to join the HappyNest team.”
Newell and his family operate two Bubbleland locations, as well as owning the trademark and rights to the Bubbleland name.

“We have provided pickup and drop-off service to customers for years and, by that, I mean we literally pick up people with their laundry and bring them to our laundromat to do their laundry – and then we bring them home,” Newell explained. “But we knew there was another type of customer who we weren’t servicing. People have such hectic schedules nowadays. They don’t have time to get everything done in the course of a day, and that’s really hurting the family structure. I know we can provide a service that people can count on to help get some of that time back. And I felt so comfortable speaking with the HappyNest team that I knew they were the ones who could help us dominate this segment of our business.”

Customers of both Bubbleland locations now can schedule pickup-and-delivery service with HappyNest throughout the greater Chicagoland area.

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