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HappyNest Pickup and Delivery Laundry in West Jordan, Utah


A suburb of Salt Lake City, West Jordan in Utah offers residents a dense suburban feel among many parks. In fact, West Jordan has more than 475 acres of open space and 350 acres of park properties. West Jordan is bordered on the west by the Oquirrh Mountains and on the east by the Jordan River.

Conservation Garden Park is one of the prettiest gardens, home to a variety of plant species. With its many shady trees, Veterans Memorial Park is famous for its picnicking area for families. Or perhaps you enjoy Ron Wood Park for its splash pad, athletic fields, and swings area.

The families and individuals who live in West Jordan come to enjoy Salt Lake City’s winter sports like skiing due to the snow's perfect qualities for deep-powder or to explore some of the most magnificent canyons in the world or the Great Salt Lake, the largest lake outside of the Great Lakes.

People don’t live in West Jordan to spend time doing tedious chores, and they especially don’t want to spend their time indoors doing dirty laundry. Fortunately, HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services are available in West Jordan to free time up for residents who rather enjoy the beautiful adventures the area offers.

HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services are easy to use, affordable, fast, and eco-friendly. For availability and pricing in West Jordan, Utah, simply sign up.

How HappyNest works in West Jordan, Utah

Here’s how HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services works in West Jordan, Utah:

  1. Download the HappyNest App: Schedule your laundry pickup in West Jordan, Utah by downloading the consumer-friendly mobile app on the App Store or Google Play; Or, visit the HappyNest website.
  2. Select Laundry Preferences: Select detergents, fabric softeners, and whether you want your items folded or on hangers, as well as specific instructions for our laundry specialists, if any.
  3. Drop Laundry at Your Doorstep: Leave your dirty clothes, bedding, and/or towels in your HappyNest-provided bag outside your door or other agreed upon location. The HappyNest van will arrive at your door in West Jordan at the scheduled time for pickup, taking your dirty laundry off of your to-do list.

Join HappyNest customers in Utah

In early 2022, HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services launched in Salt Lake City, Utah. The next-day pickup and delivery laundry services are also available to Salt Lake County residents and businesses in West Valley City. Join neighbors in Sandy, Draper, Riverton, South Jordan, and Herriman who are also taking the burden off of their schedules with HappyNest.

HappyNest is expanding across the country, including on the West Coast with availability in Washington, Nevada, California, Arizona, and beyond.

For availability and pricing in West Jordan, simply sign up here.

Many businesses use HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry services

More than 3,000 businesses are licensed in the city of West Jordan – from small home-based operations to international companies. Many businesses that require light laundering find it efficient and cost-effective to outsource their towels, linens, bedding, and other laundry to HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services.

West Jordan is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is well worth a visit. Do you manage a bed and breakfast, motel or Airbnb in West Jordan? It can be challenging to get all the essential bedding and linens clean and ready for your next guests. HappyNest delivers around the clock professional laundry services for whatever you need us.

If you own or manage any of the many restaurants in West Jordan, HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery laundry services takes the burden of laundry off of staff, allowing them to spend more time serving customers. Businesses use HappyNest’s consumer-friendly mobile app to easily auto-schedule pickup and delivery each week or whenever needed.

Get started with offloading your laundry to HappyNest next-day pickup and delivery services in West Jordan, Utah.

Get started with HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry services

Instead of doing your laundry, enjoy a magical escape from the ordinary with shopping, dining, or attending a festival at Gardner Village in West Jordan.

The HappyNest West Jordan, Utah location is accepting customer sign ups. If you reside in West Jordan and you are interested in offloading your laundry, use the HappyNest app to sign up and schedule the next-day service at: app.happynest.com/signup.

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