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Full-Service Laundry in Converse, TX


HappyNest is a full-service laundry company in Converse, TX, that does more than wash your garments and fabrics. We not only make sure that your items are spotless and freshly scented (unless you choose it to be unscented) but also folded. Clients throughout Bexar County trust us with their laundry because they know we always get the job done.

Gone Today, Back Tomorrow

At HappyNest, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide best-in-class pickup and delivery laundry services. We guarantee next-day delivery because we understand how much you value your garments.

To order the laundry pickup and delivery service, head over to our app or website to create an account. Afterward, select the most suitable delivery location and time, then drop off your laundry bags at your front door. The laundry pickup and delivery service are contactless, so you can go ahead with your routine without waiting for our crew to come for your laundry.

Do Life, Not Laundry

Laundry is among the most stressful chores. Outsourcing the chore to HappyNest saves you from a lot of stress and trouble in addition to opening up hours of time for you every week. You won’t need to drop off your laundry at our laundromat in Converse for washing or collect them afterward. We’ll do it all for you – door to door.

We employ experienced laundry professionals and use proven laundry techniques. Our quality finishing touch preserves your colors and keeps your whites sparkling. We also use friendly laundry techniques that extend your fabrics’ lifespan.

With HappyNest, all the laundry prep work and the actual washing gets done in-house. On the scheduled delivery date, you’ll receive clean, freshly scented, and crisply folded laundry that’s ready to go directly into your closet. Meanwhile, you can focus on the things you love without worrying about laundry.

Give yourself more time and less stress with the HappyNest wash and fold laundry services. We deliver straight to your doorstep, so you'll never have to worry about leaving your house. Sign up to schedule your first pickup.

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