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Home and Commercial Laundry Service in Northfield, Summit County, OH


One thing is for sure; no one likes to do laundry. Besides, when we step out, we always want to look our best. For business owners, clean uniforms, linens, and towels are mission-critical. At HappyNest, we’re proud to be the market leaders in home and commercial laundry services in Northfield and the nearby communities in Summit County, Ohio.

Many laundry services only specialize in a single line of work, but at HappyNest, we do things differently. Thanks to our massive investment in top-of-the-range laundry equipment, we’re among the few full-service laundry companies in Northfield, OH.

HappyNest serves both individual clients and businesses in the city. We will be glad to serve you whether you run a hospital, bed and breakfast, daycare center, health club, barbershop, or educational facility. We have what it takes to wash all types of laundry to the highest standards. So, don’t take chances by having an in-house laundry operation. Leave it to us and enjoy laundry with a difference.

Top-Notch Laundry

Having an in-house laundry operation is expensive, and the desired results are not always achieved. Don’t risk having a short supply of laundry or even permanent stains on your expensive fabrics and linens. At HappyNest, we will ensure that your laundry is clean and safe to use at all times.

When you schedule our pickup and delivery laundry service, our team will come to your location immediately to collect your laundry for cleaning. In 24 hours or less, your fabrics and linens will be delivered clean and folded. So, let HappyNest handle the laundry so you can focus fully on what’s more important.

Why HappyNest?

Here’s some of the reasons you need HappyNest as your home and commercial laundry partner:

  • Reliability

You have exceptional standards for the cleanliness of your fabrics and linens, and so do we. Trust us with your laundry, and we’ll deliver beyond your expectations.

  • Professionalism

We do everything possible to guarantee your satisfaction. Our employees are not only experienced but also amiable. You’ll notice this when they come to collect your laundry.

  • Affordability

At HappyNest, we go against the grain by providing affordable wash and fold laundry services. We want you to save a bit of time and money for the things you love.

If you have questions about our services, do not hesitate to check our website. We’ll be ready to address whatever queries you may have.

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