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Home and Commercial Laundry Services in Aurora, Portage County, OH


Are you looking for a full-service laundry company that offers free pickups and deliveries in Aurora and the surrounding areas in Portage County, OH? If so, HappyNest is just what you need. We pride ourselves on being the laundry service you can trust. We have the expertise and equipment to wash all types of fabrics, and therefore, we’re the laundry service you can always count on.

The Laundry Service You Can Trust

At HappyNest, professionalism is our forte. Our customer reviews attest to the quality of wash and fold laundry services we provide. We’ve grown from a small operation into the nation’s premier home and commercial laundry service. HappyNest is dedicated to spreading smiles and happiness. Seeing you looking your best is a source of great joy and pride to us.

We constantly invest in high-end washing machines and tumble dryers to meet our customers’ demands. Besides, HappyNest works with only the best professionals in the laundry industry, which is why we’ve constantly provided unmatched wash and fold laundry services over the years.

Contactless Laundry

At HappyNest, your safety is our number one priority. Thus, we offer contactless laundry services for your safety and convenience. Thanks to this service, there’s no direct contact between you and our team during pickups and deliveries. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, this service is quite timely and appropriate.

We Keep You Updated

Although we do the bulk of the work, HappyNest always keeps you updated each step of the way. Right from the moment you schedule a pick-up, you’ll be able to track our team en route to your address. You can even reach them by phone or text if you have any last-minute information you’d like to pass to them. We will also notify you when we’re done cleaning your laundry and when we dispatch it for delivery to your address.

HappyNest Cares for You

At our laundromat, each customers’ laundry is washed separately. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your items mixing up with other people’s laundry. We also take great pride in our ability to deliver within 24 hours. If you need your laundry cleaned and delivered within a shorter period, we’ll be glad to do that.

With HappyNest serving all your laundry needs, you’ll have a little bit more time to do you. So, never worry about laundry because you have a full-service laundry company you can trust. Sign up today to schedule your first pickup.

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