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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Scotch Plains, New Jersey


Scotch Plains, New Jersey, is a family-friendly home for over 23,000 people. But every family has to deal with that dreaded chore: laundry. HappyNest’s laundry service wants to help take away the dread of this time-consuming chore. That is why our laundry services are designed to help you and meet your needs. As we like to say; Do life, not laundry.

Life Happens, So Do Messes

It has to be a known fact that life can get messy. From day-to-day stains, cleaning up messes can be stressful and tiring. HappyNest’s home laundry service wants to let you know; we are here to help. Among our various soap choices are our stain-fighting options. Choose between OxiClean or Clorox and let us know which items have stains. We work to provide you and your family with the best soap choices in Scotch Plains. You can choose not just what bleach, but also what soap, softener, and if you want a dryer sheet.

Detergent options: Tide, Gain, Cheer, All Free & Clear, and Seventh Generation
Softener options: Downy and White Vinegar
Bleach options: Clorox and OxiClean
Dryer sheet options: Bounce

Whether you have grass stains, baby stains, or just your everyday “I swear I’m not clumsy” stains, HappyNest is here to help. Life happens fast, and we do not want the laundry to be why you are missing it. Trust our laundry services to take care of your family’s laundry needs.

Can HappyNest wash my whole family’s laundry?

Yes! Also, the bedding, towels, uniforms, and everything in between. Not only that, but we make it easy for you. Start with our easy signup. Seriously, it only takes you about three minutes top.

  1. Sign up for HappyNest’s laundry service on the app for iOS or Android, through the website, or by calling (855) 335-9274.
  2. Enter your zip code to choose your location in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Once your location is set, you can choose between our weekly or “by request” services for your area.
  3. Fill out a few questions about your preferences on how you like your laundry to be washed, dried, folded, and finished creating your account.

Now that you are all signed up, you will receive our welcome kit. Our welcome kit includes a card of instructions and our big blue laundry bag for you to use with our laundry services in Scotch Plains. You can also call or email and request a special items bag as well. Once you get your bag, all you have to do is place your clothes in the bag and leave it outside your door for our pickup laundry services. And voila, laundry is basically done. Now you can enjoy what time you would have spent doing laundry with your family and friends (or by yourself for a little relaxing time, we get that too).


How long do I have to wait?

After pickup, all we ask is you wait 24 hours to get your laundry back folded and cleaned exactly how you like. Then, once your laundry is done, HappyNest’s drop-off laundry service will leave your clothes folded and sorted exactly how you need them. All you have left to do is put them away and wait for the next time you need our services in Scotch Plains. You can use us weekly or “by request,” depending on your needs. And with no contract, our services are really used by your demand.

We want you to have trust in us and our work. If you are interested, read about our COVID-19 mitigation to see how we keep your laundry safe.

Here at HappyNest, we want you to enjoy your home in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. Choose to use our pick up and drop off laundry service instead of doing this time-consuming chore all by yourself. Call about our services at (855) 335-9274 or send an email to hello@happynest.com and sign up online.

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