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Franklin Lakes, New Jersey Loves Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service


HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry service has been popular in New Jersey with availability in nearly 200 cities and towns throughout the state. The close knit family community of Franklin Lakes located in northwest Bergen County is no different. Residents and businesses use the pickup and delivery laundry service to ease their burden, put their time toward more important or enjoyable matters, and save money.

Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service Is Better than Laundry Hacks

We’ve all tried laundry hacks to make the job of laundry easier – from using three baskets to separate darks, lights, and delicates to watching a TV show while folding clothes. But laundry is still time consuming no matter what tricks you’ve tried. Imagine how much time you would have to redirect to work, play, family or yourself if you completely eliminated the choice laundry from your life – and it was affordable, fast, and eco-friendly?

Many in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey outsource their laundry to HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry service for these reasons and more:

  1. Fast, Next-Day Service: Simply leave your laundry bag outside your door and we’ll return it the next day – washed, dried, and folded. We know you can’t be without your laundry for long.
  2. Save Money: No more purchasing laundry detergents, stain removers, fabric softeners, and bleaches. Plus, give your washer and dryer a break and save on your electric bill. Check pricing on laundry services in Franklin Lakes by signing up here.
  3. Flexible: HappyNest comes regularly at the same time every week, or on an as-needed basis depending on your laundry needs. HappyNest washes just your clothes or just your bedding. Or, if you are a business like a spa or hair salon that uses lots of towels on a daily basis, HappyNest can offload that for you.
  4. Eco-friendly: HappyNest laundry service is eco-friendly since our laundromat partners use highly efficient washers and dryers that utilize much less energy than household appliances. These washers also use less water and detergent, while getting your laundry cleaner and dryer than ever.
  5. Save Time: All you have to do is gather up your dirty laundry and leave it in your HappyNest laundry bag outside your door or other designated area. HappyNest does the rest!

You can use your valuable time in other ways.

Those in Franklin Lakes are never short on finding things to do from hiking at High Mountain Park Preserve with views of New York City, walking around the beautiful 75 acre at Franklin Lakes Nature Preserve, to fishing at Parson Pond Park, or skiing at Campgaw Mountain. Families are drawn to Franklin Lakes for its outstanding school system, library, and many recreation programs. HappyNest knows you have more important and fun matters to tend to than laundry.  

Individuals and businesses in the neighboring towns of Oakland, Ramsey, Ridgewood, and Glen Rock all enjoy the convenience of HappyNest pickup and delivery laundry service. Join them today by signing up in Franklin Lakes: 

  1. For pricing and to get started, sign up here.
  2. Provide contact information via the app for iOS or Android, our website, or call (855) 335-9274.
  3. Select your preferences: weekly or “by request” service, detergents, folded or hanger service, and special requests.

To get started in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey today, sign up here.

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