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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Colchester, Connecticut


Is laundry the last thing you want to consider when figuring out how to fill up your free time? HappyNest is a laundry that makes the decision process easy. We make it simple to sign up for our services, so you can get right into the good stuff. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up via our site hello@happynest.com or the HappyNest app to see which days we serve your neighborhood.
  2. Choose the laundry plan that works for you.
  3. Customize your service by choosing your preferred detergent, softener, drying process, and folding technique.
  4. Once you’ve entered billing information, we will contact you for confirmation so you can set out your dirty clothes for pickup. We’ll get them back to you within 24 hours!
Choosing HappyNest As Your Local Laundry Service

Choosing HappyNest As Your Local Laundry Service

Colchester is a city in that can become your oasis when the stresses of day-to-day life beat you down. HappyNest is there if you muddy up your cargo shorts on a Blue Trail hike in the Salmon River State Forest. You have the freedom to set up a picnic along the rushing waters without needing to concern yourself with stain removal. Whether you choose Cheer detergent or Tide, HappyNest seeks to serve you and your laundry needs. So sit in nature and absorb the fresh Connecticut air.

Dreading the Bedding

Dreading the Bedding

Washing wrinkled t-shirts and crumpled skirts is hard enough without also having to cram in the household comforters into the washing machine. Luckily, HappyNest doesn’t shy away from bulk items, and we are happy to clean bedding from twin-sized to king-sized. Book a golfing weekend at the Chanticlair Golf Course. Take on that challenging island green while we take on the worst of your laundry load. Burrowing beneath a freshly-washed bedspread after a few days of good sport will feel absolutely luxurious, we promise that.

A Laundry Service for You

We at HappyNest know that time is a commodity. Without the exhausting task of laundry, you are free to harbor good memories instead of more stress. You are one step closer to a calming afternoon by the river or a vigorous weekend of golf once you’ve signed up for our laundry service. Visit our site or give us a call at 855-335-9274 to get the next spin started with HappyNest.

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