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Laundry Pickup and Delivery in Avon, Connecticut


While living life in Avon, Connecticut, it is important to remember how important your time is. Your time is valuable. That is why HappyNest provides home laundry services in the area. While we take care of a time-consuming chore on your list, you can do what you enjoy and spend time with family and friends.

Why Sign Up for a Laundry Service?

Fair question, with an easy answer. Because Connecticut residents deserve it. Our laundry services are here for you. So whether you are busy watching your kids play their sports, taking a look at the restored 19th-century schoolhouse, or simply enjoying the sunshine in Avon, let yourself enjoy the moment instead of worrying about what’s next. Like the mound of laundry waiting to be done back at home.

HappyNest Laundry’s sign up is easy and affordable.

  1. Start by entering your zip code on our site or in the HappyNest app to see which days we serve your neighborhood.
  2. Then decide which laundry plan works best for you and your needs.
  3. Finally, all you have to do is place your laundry outside so we can pick it up and drop back off within 24 hours!

Pricing for our services is based primarily on how often you want your laundry done. Our weekly and “by request” customers pay as low as $1.99 per pound. Offering the choice of when and how often you do your laundry is only part of the options we offer.

It’s Okay to be Picky

We embrace the pickiness. That is why HappyNest Laundry offers a variety of laundry washing options in Avon, Connecticut. All you need to decide is which options you like best, and we will take care of the rest. With our services, enjoy more of your time away from the washer and dryer and more time with your friends and family.

Sign up for HappyNest’a home laundry service in Avon, Connecticut, online or through the app. Send any questions to hello@happynest.com or call 855-335-9274. Claim back your time and let us take a chore off your shoulders.

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